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The book of "Jiangnan Baiyun bridge" Notice of abortion for mother infant spirits. The Nie yuan "Jiangnan Baiyun bridge" Notice of infant spirits seeking mother Nie Yuan Yin and Yang across entertainment news Tencent directed by Zhong Xuan, the famous Hongkong actor Deric Wan, the young actor Wang, Liu Hongkong, Xia Yuting star starring Li Zhuolin made of quality horror movie "Jiangnan the book of" Bai Yunqiao November 18th full release. Recently, Baiyun bridge "" director’s cut exposure notice, not only near the mountain road staged a car chase drama, more tragic picture for midnight. Dangerous road car chase soared out of new high abortion retribution Zhong Xuan movie "Midnight" in Baiyun bridge talented Zhong Xuan and Hongkong star Li Zhuolin staged a ghost mother Nie yuan, supernatural horror atmosphere throughout the whole movie. A lot of people to be aborted fetal death. But the bridge made special trailer with hair standing on end, immediately throw a surprise carousel. Each guilty heart has a cross the bridge, Zhong Xuan what is in a tangle of feelings for life? In addition, special edition also notice the exposure of Deric Wan and Wang Xia in the breathtaking mountain car chase drama, rolling mountain rockfall racing picture exciting, thrilling. A life and death between yin and Yang, a bridge. Abortion now five years later, Jiangnan real supernatural events is on the big screen, will bring to the audience a hitherto unknown exciting experience. The first big screen supernatural events nine months later a high-quality domestic thriller "Baiyun bridge" also known as "Jiangnan" on Baiyun bridge "," the film tells the story of "Baiyun bridge female Lord Meng Yan (Zhong Xuan) and lover Li Xiaotian (Xia Wangshi) collusion revenge his husband Zhang Qing (Deric Wan ornaments), they adopted gumanthong under the curse of witchcraft. But one night in Yan Meng Baiyun Bridge really met their children (Li Zhuolin ornaments) to abort the fetus, and told her a secret, then his soul Yin (Liu Yuting ornaments), began a frenzied revenge on the people around. How to get rid of this doom, become a mystery. According to the director said, the film at Yuyao Bay closed sets Xiangquan 100 days filming lasted two months, editing, color, music etc. have repeatedly in order to achieve the best results, nine months late effects is three to four times the general thriller production cycle, as the pains. The film by Zhejiang Heng Wang Cultural Development Co. Ltd., Beijing Xingyu Huaxia International Film Culture Media Co. Ltd., Beijing China International Cultural Arts Center, Ze Ying Chan Beijing Television Culture Communication Co. Ltd., peak Jiahe (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly produced. The movie file November 18th, which calls the gu!相关的主题文章: