The Apostle 2 boot ceremony will be how to crack the mystery kimi wo omou melodi

"Apostle Walker 2" boot ceremony heavy suspense will be how to crack the Tencent entertainment news November 2nd, jointly produced by Hongkong Television Broad-casts Limited Penguin film and fashion gangster drama "apostle Walker 2" commencement ceremony held in Hongkong, starring Michael Miu, Shiu Hung Hui, Benjamin Yuen, Moses Chan, Jessica Hsuan, Pakho Chau, Huang Cuiru, deputy general manager of Hongkong Television Broad-casts Limited (program and Du Zhike Su Wancong, producer and production) Penguin film producer Zhang Meng attended a public key creative articles. After the "apostle Walker" with a mainland network playback volume exceeded 100 million and the total amount of playing over 2 billion 400 million grades, breaking Gangju network playback volume record, which proves the degree of popular drama in the mainland. While the "apostle Walker 2" continuing the essence of the first film, in addition to Michael Miu’s joy Zhuo Sir and Shiu Hung Hui as the brother and Jessica Hsuan, return, Moses Chan, Benjamin Yuen, Pakho Chau, Huang Cuiru and other powerful actors join, CO starring cuisin. The ceremony also announced to join in the new role of trailers, trailers of Jessica Hsuan and Moses Chan are looking forward to the cooperation with the strength of many actors, the Apostle Walker set out once again, will show the wonderful story of how? Let us wait and see. It is reported that "2" is the first apostle Walker prequel, so in addition to looking outside also tells how to train the undercover undercover story. In the end of the first part, gangster villain "joy brother" appeared in the personal files of undercover police officers in the record room, people were wearing gloves mysteriously deleted, leaving the enigma of the background, the mysterious person will delete the file in the police force was "black police" is Kang Sir sent undercover.? Will be the sixth undercover or "black police" in the end of the uncharacteristically Zhuo sir? In the first part of a series of suspense is also about to be answered in the second. "The Apostle 2" by the film and television productions produced jointly by TVB, will be broadcast on the Tencent video platform. >相关的主题文章: