The Acceptance Of Bikini In Bollywood-christie stevens

Movies-TV India is popular for its conservatism, customs, and culture and eventually monogamy has amazed the world as to how it works in east, especially in India. A single question has been startling not only west but the globe also since we are popular for one wife, throughout life. The mesmeric magic prevails nowhere except India. Only God knows when the realty of fidelity and monogamy is going to be at its doomsday on the sacred soil of Veda. The access of internet, mobile and other digital technology has made the life of human being vulnerable. The entertainment king BOLLYWOOD has a vital role for the propagation of nudity on Indian soil. Bollywood has been extremely popular because of the presence of highlighted personality in the field of acting. The biceps of Bollywood hunks and the cleavage of silk sirens have touched the innermost corner of the heart of teenyboppers. This is why, the teenagers are eager to enter into the glamorous world. The colorful movies on multiple channels on the television and heavenly multiplexes in the metros have changed the heart and soul of youngsters radically. A drastic change has taken place among young Indians during last decade. The Bollywood is laden with bikini-clad babes in these days. Mallika shehrawat, Riya Sen, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra, Neha Dhupia, Celina Jaitley, Manisha Lamba and Bipasa Basu are extremely hot while attired with bikini. These actresses are quite popular for wearing two pieces. After all, Malika Shehrawat and Rakhi Sawant are extremely popular for their daredevil show in public. Mallika Shehrawat once became the prey of media while participating a show in a five star hotel in Delhi. Bipasha Basu in Dhoom2 was looking hot wearing bikini which created havoc in Bollywood. Sharmila Tagore showed her in.parable beauty in a bikini in the year of 1967. She was the first women in Bollywood with a bikini in ‘An evening in Paris. In spite of semi-nudity in the entertainment of Bollywood, some heroines are not willing to get cheap popularity by showing their body in two pieces. The Bollywoods most wanted heroine Aishwarya Rai is the burning example who is found extremely rare with a bikini. Zarine Khan the copycat of Katrina maintains distance to be involved with nudity as well as bikini. She expresses herself not to be in bikini since she looks chubby. Ayesha Takia is another example of bikini-less heroine. She expresses her flabby figure does not suit with bikini. In these days it is seen that the bikini-clad women are applenty in the realm of bollywood. During past decades the technology of multimedia has been proved to be a booster for promoting bikini babes on the web. Apart from this, before ten years the women are reluctant to enter into bollywood with bikini. However, the time has passed and everything has taken a shape in indian films. There are some controveries have .e to light as to the dignity and durability of the bikini-clad women in the field of entertainment. Recent studies say the fair sexes with skimpy attires are no longer accepted by the people in the field of entertainment. The people wants to be vicarious than erotic while wathing movies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: