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The 1 woman with a rubber band to create cool hair – Fashion – original title: 1 woman with a rubber band to create cool hair to be short of Zheng Shuang have adorable girl! Who would want to cut such a short hair, really want to cut tangle disease on it again… A million ugly unable to recover! It is difficult to pour the wisdom of the ba sis, long hair short hair change skills immediately get! The girl is short after Zheng Shuang in all 15 years old ~ why the hair can be so juicy, your hair is a schoolgirl will add some hair styling… Small radian, naturally take in the face, let Zheng Shuang emaciated face looks round many. Warm brown hair color, coupled with the micro volume of the playful feeling, vitality and reduced age, is definitely the first choice to play the tender! Short hair long hair pure and pleasant, second smaller woman, hair seemingly randomly scattered in the chest, but very natural and fluffy curls. A few wisps of forehead bangs are carefully the whole machine modeling, super modified face ~ or long hair short hair style, two real nice woman Zheng Shuang let people envy, don’t we eat melon people can only choose one kind of hard, not free to switch? In fact, you can do so long hair short hair oh! Long hair short hair tutorial "BOB" or "WOB" you choose! Step 1 requires a hair band and a rubber band, and then the rubber band is fixed to the hair band. Step 2 with a good, the rubber band fixed on the band wore his hair up. Step 3 the most important step, you can open your eyes to see carefully! Put the rubber band down gently and then the marathon, excess hair curling inward. A fresh pseudo short hair three steps to get the! Isn’t it amazing ~ (picture material from micro-blog @Saya BOB) feel lazy, not short enough woman? She also has a sister more powerful pseudo WOB teach you Step 1 we will first hair is divided into two zones, the lower part of the three strands braided into a disc, and a low bun, fixed with a pin. Step 2 followed by the upper hair is divided into three parts, and then the electric rolling rod partition in turn. After 3 Step the upper hair roll, and then take all the comb comb, hair curls will become more fluffy natural ~ Step 4 on both sides of the hair from the tail hair to comb, and a long tail with a clip on the lower low bun. Step 5 Finally tidy bangs, with sexy styling products ~ WOB completed! (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: