Taiwan Affairs Office willing to narrow the psychological distance between the two sides through sin-icesword

Taiwan Affairs Office: through sincere, goodwill and affection to narrow the psychological distance between the two sides – Sohu news on February 24th morning, the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office held a regular press conference in the press office of the Taiwan Affairs office. "We are willing to narrow the psychological distance between the two sides through sincerity, kindness and affection to achieve spiritual harmony," said a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs office. At the same time, some people in the island, especially the younger generation, may have some vague understanding of the mainland and the relations across the Taiwan straits. We are also willing to strengthen cross-strait exchanges, expand cross-strait cooperation, to promote cross-strait people through deepening the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, especially the mutual understanding and feelings of the young generation of fusion, deepen their correct cognition on cross-strait relations, with both sides of a pro national feelings. Ann is Fengshan in response to the Taiwan legislators Lin Changzuo inappropriate remarks made the above statement. According to Taiwan media reports, "Taiwan times" "legislator" in the "Legislative Yuan" question Lin Changzuo MAC chairman Xia Liyan said, should let the other side of the river in the international sports event called "Chinese Beijing". Public information, Lin Chang, Shinco "legislator", before entering politics as the shining singer. Held in January 27th ‘s news conference, Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said that cross-strait youth should strengthen exchanges, enhance mutual communication and understanding in communication, to constantly deepen the correct cognition of cross-strait relations, to the national feelings of compatriots on both sides of the Straits.

国台办:愿通过真诚、善意和亲情拉近两岸心理距离-搜狐新闻  2月24日上午,国务院台湾事务办公室在国台办新闻发布厅举办例行新闻发布会。国台办发言人安峰山表示,我们愿意通过真诚、善意和亲情去拉近两岸的心理距离,实现心灵契合。   安峰山同时表示,目前岛内一些民众,特别是青年一代,对大陆、对两岸关系可能会有一些模糊的认识。我们也愿意加强两岸各领域交流,扩大两岸合作,通过深化两岸关系和平发展来增进两岸民众,特别是青年一代的相互了解和感情融合,深化他们对两岸关系的正确认知,融洽两岸一家亲的民族感情。   安峰山是在回应台湾“立法委员”林昶佐的失当言论时做出以上表述的。据台湾媒体报道,台湾“时代力量”“立法委员”在林昶佐“立法院”质询陆委会主委夏立言时,竟称应让对岸在国际体育赛事中改称“中华北京”。   公开资料显示,林昶佐为新科“立法委员”,从政前为闪灵乐队主唱。   在1月27日举办的国台办新闻发布会上,国台办新闻发言人马晓光曾表示,两岸青年人应该加强交流,在交流中增加彼此的沟通和理解,来不断地深化对两岸关系的正确认知,不断地融洽两岸同胞的民族感情。相关的主题文章: