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Taiwan Affairs Office: pay attention to the earthquake disaster no casualties Taiwanese mainland tourists original title: Zhang Zhijun: China highly concerned about the earthquake disaster and casualties Taiwanese compatriots Xinhua News Agency 2 6 Xinhua (reporter Cha Wenye) 6 morning southerntaiwan earthquake caused heavy casualties and property losses. Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun told reporters that the central leadership is highly concerned about the Taiwan earthquake disaster and casualties compatriots, Premier Li Keqiang at the 6 spring festival celebrations held on the morning of the meeting, especially expressed deep condolences to the compatriots in Taiwan. Zhang Zhijun said that the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Association learned the news, immediately launched the emergency mechanism, to Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, the SEF to understand the disaster, expressing condolences, and said, is willing to provide all necessary assistance to. All walks of life in the mainland have contacted the friends of the earthquake area in southern Taiwan to express their concern and sympathy. China Overseas Friendship Association, Chinese Red Cross, quanguotailian, sea journey, the Buddhist Association of Chinese, cross-strait marriage and family service centers and other units and organizations issued condolences. China Red Cross donated 2 million RMB to Taiwan Red Cross organization for disaster relief. We will continue to keep in touch with the Taiwan side, focus on the disaster situation, and prepare for further assistance according to the needs of the disaster relief. Zhang Zhijun also said that after the earthquake, the national tourism administration emergency contact mainland Taiwan tourism team, timely tracking of mainland tourists security situation. According to preliminary understanding, there is no report of mainland tourists casualties. Editor in chief: SN226

国台办:关注台湾地震灾情 暂无大陆游客伤亡   原标题:张志军:大陆方面高度关注台湾地震灾情和同胞伤亡   新华社北京2月6日电(记者查文晔)6日凌晨台湾南部发生强烈地震,造成人员伤亡和财产损失。国台办主任张志军对记者表示,中央领导高度关注台湾地震灾情和同胞伤亡情况,李克强总理在6日上午举行的新春团拜会上,特别向台湾同胞表达了深切的慰问。   张志军介绍说,国台办、海协会获悉消息后,立即启动应急机制,向台湾陆委会、海基会了解灾情,表达慰问,并表示大陆方面愿意提供一切必要的协助。大陆各界纷纷联系台湾南部震区朋友,表达关心和慰问。中华海外联谊会、中国红十字会、全国台联、海旅会、中国佛教协会、海峡两岸婚姻家庭服务中心等单位和团体发出慰问电。中国红十字会向台湾红十字组织捐助200万元人民币用于救灾。我们将与台湾有关方面继续保持联系,关注灾情,根据救灾需要做好提供进一步协助的准备。   张志军同时表示,地震发生后,国家旅游局紧急联系大陆赴台旅游团队,及时跟踪大陆游客安全情况。据初步了解,没有大陆游客伤亡报告。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: