Suning force double 11 provinces linkage at five hundred million running man 20130908

Suning force double 11 provinces linkage five hundred million at the afternoon of October 24th, held a Hunan Hubei and Henan provinces linkage force double 11 press conference in Wuhan, the theme of "the whole China see Suning" conference gathered Suning provinces in five major areas to attend, as well as from Haier, Samsung, Hisense, Konka, etc. hundreds of well-known brand endorsement platform. Activities, said Dai Fengjun, executive vice president of Suning central China, said: ‘this’ central China to see Suning’ is the first time since the establishment of the eight district linkage, we first set the retail target of 5 hundred million". Suning will increase its investment in Hunan, Hunan in the construction of 14 Suning Plaza layout 100 flagship store in the meeting with Feng Jun introduced to Suning holdings in recent years respectively with the government and central provinces Province Department of Commerce signed a strategic agreement. In the recent five years period will be a total investment of over 100 billion yuan, for relying on Suning Holding Group Logistics cloud, cloud and other Internet financial data and technical advantages, in rural electricity providers, modern logistics, cross-border electricity, Internet banking, government procurement, personnel training and other aspects of the Internet business, to carry out a comprehensive strategic cooperation. Suning holding group also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Hunan provincial government will further increase investment in Hunan, Hunan will become the Internet retail development heights. In Hunan, the construction of 14 Suning Plaza, the layout of the 100 flagship stores, 60 outlets construction. In Hubei, the construction of 8 Suning Plaza, the layout of the 80 Suning flagship store, rural electricity supplier service stations in the 150, the rural electricity supplier point of 3000. Based on the group’s strategic considerations, the site is located in Hubei, Gedian economic and Technological Development Zone, Suning central China Logistics Industry Park project will be officially put into operation by the end of this year, early next year. The whole project is completed, the storage area of about 350 thousand square, with 1 million SKU, 70 million commodity storage capacity, the bearing load of 2 million 500 thousand days of delivery, support the sales scale of more than 20 billion, the distribution of 1000 vehicles. As one of the eight warehouses in the national logistics, the project will be set up after the completion of the construction of e-commerce, logistics and distribution, logistics services, open platform in one multi-functional base. The future, not only can speed up the Suning in the layout of the O2O central China and the Yangtze River economic belt, greatly shorten the delivery time of the small The scope of delivery will cover four provinces of Hubei, Henan, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces. The first set of five hundred million Suning central see small target area of the joint activities, received strong support from the headquarters of Suning, the intensity of activity planning, to Suning investment since 50 million promotional resources; the other with high-quality partners into the factory makes part of the price of not less than 50 million of the amount. It is understood that the pace of the central China unified zero main storm, Changsha, for example, the purchase of life appliances to buy how much, how much, 400 yuan cap. Return of the purchase of other large pieces of traditional electricity, no threshold, the purchase of color TV, ice wash, air conditioning designated brand model. Send Hao Li consumers buy home appliances, cross category full beautifully presented pot, porcelain kiln, 1.25P air conditioning etc.. According to statistics, the total purchase of 300 thousand sets of three large brand explosion models, significantly lower procurement costs, so that people benefit. Eleven period of great.相关的主题文章: