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[strictly] engraved comprehensive strictly times Jingwei Sohu from October 24th to 27, comments, Chinese eighteenth CPC Central Committee sixth plenary meeting held in Beijing, the meeting will consider "on the new situation in the political life of the party, the Communist Party" Chinese several criteria "Party Supervision Regulations (Trial)". Since eighteen, the central promulgated or amended laws and regulations of the Party of more than and 50, two documents meeting will further tie the cage system". Good things in China, the key lies in the party. Under the leadership of the party, 1 billion 300 million people have created China was widely praised by international society "Chinese miracle", now walk in the national revival in the new journey. The more glorious historical mission, the grand goal, is to enhance the sense of the more strict. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that our party as the ruling party, the biggest threat is corruption. Six plenary session of the revised party oversight regulations, will be strictly in a comprehensive new journey in engraved times jingwei. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, supervision is the best preservative. If power is to be abused, it must be supervised. Party to manage the party strictly, "management" and "governance" also includes supervision. In recent years, China has made remarkable achievements in combating corruption and building a clean government. The hitherto unknown close to achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, should adopt more effective mechanism to promote the formation of supervision and do not want to rot, not rot, not rot, construct the delicate air, Chong yasunao, law-abiding political ecology. "In the disease harm, while avoiding the weightier than Mount Tai, mo". Whether it is discipline construction, style building, or anti-corruption struggle, can not be separated from the effective supervision within the party. The party is in the leading position and the ruling position, also has decided the inner-party supervision in the party and the country each kind of supervisory form is in the most fundamental position. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that: for our party, external supervision is necessary, but fundamentally speaking, but also to strengthen their supervision. Take the long road of the construction of the party, must ensure that the inner-party supervision carried out, to see results. Thousands of truth, the implementation is the last word. The supervision within the party can not be quiet, must be internalized in the heart outside of the line. In order to strengthen inner-party supervision, it is necessary to combine the democratic centralism on the basis of democracy and the supervision of the superior to the lower level, the same level and the lower level. Not only that, to continuously push forward the comprehensive strictly, must take the supervision within the party with the national supervision and supervision by the masses, with the coordination of legal supervision, audit supervision, supervision together to form. Style building does not rest, all strictly is always on the road. According to the development of the situation and tasks, the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will revise the inner-party supervision regulations, so also can provide more scientific and effective regulations to strengthen inner-party supervision, and to promote other inner-party supervision supervision, improve the supervision system. Coupled with the formulation of "several criteria" the political life of the party under the new situation, the six plenary session in the release of the responsibility will be asked to have a strong signal at the same time, Q must be strict, but also helps to promote the management and administration of the party from the "soft loose" to "tight)相关的主题文章: