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Implementing Push Notifications in Unity Apps/games for iOS is an easy task and will explain the process of doing this through a sample unity demo App. The source code can be downloaded or viewed from our GitHub Repo.push with unity ios Steps to Integrate Push Notification with Unity3d on iOS To configure Push Notifications for iOS Apps/games; the prerequisites are: Create a new App ID and provisioning profile for each App that uses push, as well as a SSL certificate for the server. To do this you should have an iOS Developer Program membership on iOS Dev Center. Create .p12 file from the SSL certificate which was downloaded in the above step from the iOS Dev Center. A Server and this is where App42 Push Service comes into the picture. Note: If you are new to Push Notifications for iOS or App42 , you can go through my previous blog first. Now lets understand how the sample code implements the Push Notifications by examining the key code snippets. Open the folder which you downloaded and go to assets folder and double click PushSample.unity file to open the sample. To implement Push just drag and drop our App42PushHandlerInternal.h/.m classes to Assets/Plugins/iOS folder and PushScript.cs C# script to Assets folder. Assign PushScript.cs to a game object; in the demo it was assigned to the Main Camera. So, lets browse through the PushScript.cs code. To receive push notifications, the iOS needs to be notified that your App wants to receive push notifications, and App42PushHandlerInternal.m class does it by default . In the PushScript, all the required callbacks are defined and to get it called, set a listener game object as: 1 // Use this for initialization 2 void Start () 3 { 4 setListenerGameObject(; 5 } As App42PushHandlerInternal.m sends a request to register this device for push notification service; the device token is received from Apple Push Service on the successful response. It is available via onDidRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken call back of PushScript.cs. 1 //Sent when the application successfully registered with Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). 2 void onDidRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken(string deviceToken) 3 { 4 if (deviceToken != null && deviceToken.Length!=0) 5 { 6 registerDeviceTokenToApp42PushNotificationService(deviceToken,"User Name"); 7 } 8 } Now you need to register this device to App42 Push Notification Service to start sending/receiving push notifications. To do that, just call registerDeviceTokenToApp42PushNotificationService method of PushScript.cs from the above call back. 1 //Registers a user with the given device token to APP42 push notification service 2 void registerDeviceTokenToApp42PushNotificationService(string devToken,string userName) 3 { 4 ServiceAPI serviceAPI = new ServiceAPI(api_key,secret_key); 5 PushNotificationService pushService = serviceAPI.BuildPushNotificationService(); 6 pushService.StoreDeviceToken(userName,devToken,"iOS"); 7 } The SendPushToUser method of this script that can be written/called wherever its required to send a request to App42 server to send a Push Notification to a specific user. 1 //Sends push to a given user 2 void SendPushToUser(string userName,string message) 3 { 4 ServiceAPI serviceAPI = new ServiceAPI(api_key,secret_key); 5 PushNotificationService pushService = serviceAPI.BuildPushNotificationService(); 6 pushService.SendPushMessageToUser(userName,message ); 7 } The onPushNotificationsReceived call back of the PushScript will be called when you receive a push notification. 1 //Sent when the application Receives a push notification 2 void onPushNotificationsReceived(string pushMessageString) 3 { 4 Console.WriteLine("onPushNotificationsReceived"); 5 //dump you code here to handle the pushMessageString 6 Debug.Log(pushMessageString); 7 } Now your App has been successfully set up to receive/send push notifications through our App42 Server using App42 Push Notification Service. 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