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The steel collapse caused by 2 men trapped deep   one is 2 steel inserted into the body – Shandong – People’s network channel to the rescue scene. Liu Gang photo original title: Yunnan Pu’er site frame collapse caused by 2 men trapped deep one is 2 steel inserted into the body 30 reporter learned from Yunnan Pu’er Ning’er County Fire Brigade, a local site 29 accident caused 2 men trapped deep inside, including a 2 steel reinforced insert the body was dying. Fortunately, two people were rescued by fire. In the afternoon, Ninger county fire brigade received the alarm call: Taida Ninger County village ten Bureau of China Railway Project Department 500 meters before a site, 2 men from the construction accident trapped deep inside. After the alarm, the brigade immediately dispatched 1 vehicles, 6 people rushed to the scene disposal. The picture is rescue scene. Photo by Liu Gang brigade officers and soldiers arrived at the scene investigation that: deep cube, about 27 meters deep, 2 men were working rebar in the well, in a close to the wellhead when the steel collapse occurred, 2 men fell into the well about 19 meters, one of the men was 2 with a diameter of 25 mm rebar insert the right thigh, wound bleeding, and suspended in the pile wall, the urgent need to rescue, another man slightly bruised. 2 trapped above the large amount of reinforcement extrusion, wells force weak, unable to support more people to go down to the rescue, and the operation of small space, large rescue equipment can not be used, can only rely on small rescue rescue equipment. There is about 6 meters deep water at the bottom of the well. Because of groundwater, the water level is on the rise. Grasp the scene, the fire officers and soldiers immediately launched rescue. 2 men and women went down to the well and rescued the slightly injured man with life rope. The man was rescued successfully. Subsequently, the fire brigade arrived again the injured man was injured on the Straits were fixed, using ropes to prevent steel occurred two times, and the collapse of the man lives, and wait for the medical staff to the scene to rescue the injured man after the treatment of the implementation. In the rescue, fire officers and soldiers and medical staff cooperate with each other. After several hours’ efforts, they were rescued and sent to hospital for treatment. (end) (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin) 钢架坍塌致2男子被困深井 一人被2根钢筋插入身体–山东频道–人民网 图为救援现场。 刘刚 摄 原标题:云南普洱一工地钢架坍塌致2男子被困深井 一人被2根钢筋插入身体 记者30日从云南省普洱市宁洱县消防大队获悉,当地一工地29日突发意外致2名男子被困深井内,其中一名被2根钢筋插入身体,生命垂危。所幸,二人被消防救出。 当日下午,宁洱县消防大队接到群众报警电话称:宁洱县太达村中铁十局项目部前行500米一工地内,2名男子因施工发生意外被困深井内。接警后,大队立即出动1车6人赶赴现场处置。 图为救援现场。 刘刚 摄 大队官兵到达现场侦查得知:深井呈正方体,深约27米,2名男子在井内进行钢筋绑扎作业,在搭到接近井口时钢架发生垮塌,2名男子坠入井内约19米处,其中一名男子被2根直径为25毫米的螺纹钢插入右大腿,伤口血流不止,并悬空在桩壁上,急需要救援,另外一名男子轻微擦伤。2名被困人员上方有大量钢筋挤压,井内受力点脆弱,无法支持较多人员下井救援,且操作空间小,大型救援器材无法使用,只能依靠小型救援器材进行救援。井底还有约6米深积水,由于是地下水,水位呈上涨趋势。 掌握现场情况后,消防官兵立即展开救援。2名官兵下到井内,利用救生绳对轻伤男子实施救援,该男子被成功救出。随后,消防官兵再次到达重伤男子被困处,利用绳索对伤者进行固定,防止钢筋发生二次垮塌伤及男子生命,并等待医护人员到场对重伤男子进行救治后实施救援。救援中,消防官兵和医护人员相互协作,经过数小时的努力,将其救出,送往医院进行救治。(完) (责编:聂俊穹、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: