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Spent hundreds of thousands of students to return to work to find a monthly salary of more than 3000 yuan to spend hundreds of thousands of students to study abroad to find a job, a monthly salary of more than 3000 yuan." Recently, such a message to prepare students to study abroad and parents in the hearts of drums: not out of the country? "Come back very good, familiar people, familiar places, familiar with the culture." Today, Chen Yaguang, a securities company in Shanghai to work on the right track. Just two years ago, graduated from Adelaide University, Australia, he is still worried about the work. In order to study the Songzi, Chen Yaguang’s parents spent almost all his savings. Like many returnees, Chen Yaguang choose to return home in the tangle, began his long career road". Miss school recruit to return to the blind toss a year for Chen Yaguang, he used the blind toss to describe the time to find a job. In October 2014, Chen Yaguang ended his study in australia. "At that time, our hometown popular to go abroad, my parents are also in order to be able to receive a good education, I spent almost all my savings to send out." Chen Ya accounting and finance professionals, the Adelaide University is one of the eight schools in australia. As a graduate of the Australian elite Chen Yaguang, I did not expect to find a job after their return so difficult. In fact, at the outset or not to return to this issue, Chen Yaguang also bluntly very tangled". In his view, Australia is a country without passion, people less, slow rhythm of life is very comfortable, but long to be lazy." As a 90 after the final decision to return home Chen Yaguang Chuang chuang. At that time, I do not know what the school recruit, there is no concept of fresh graduates. Home, has already missed the prime time at autumn school recruit. Finally, the sea can only vote resume and net Shen, the results have not been a." In accordance with the school system, Chen Yaguang in 2014 to return home in October, this time when the domestic colleges and universities recruit time. Conversion over, Chen Yaguang is regarded as the 2015 graduating students. And this year’s graduating students recruitment season in the fall of 2014 and early 2015. Missed the fall school recruit, but also catch up with the harder job season, until last January, Chen Yaguang was a brokerage business internship opportunities. But three months later, he was not formally hired to return to the tide of job hunting. In the job search, there is no nationally recognized certificate has become an important reason for Chen Yaguang repeatedly rejected. He submitted his resume to many banks, but was always rejected. In this regard, Chen Yaguang very reluctantly said: like banks, investment companies need to be related to the business card. Abroad research cycle is relatively long, often graduated, the document has not been tested. Chen Yaguang did not understand the relevant information of domestic examination of qualification certificate, returning candidates found without these cards is really can’t do anything. In the end, Chen Yaguang decided to resign to go home to test CPA (certified public accountant). Until last fall after the school recruit start, with a card he aimed at the bank and brokerage, and finally got a few banks and brokerage firms hired offer. Finally, Chen Yaguang chose to go to Shanghai securities company. Nearly 80% students choose to return to the development of the Institute in Chen Yaguang, there are 11 Chinese students, in addition to one person相关的主题文章: