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"The sparrow" conference Zhang Luyi Qi bangs into other explosion models topic – Sohu entertainment Zhang Luyi appeared TV drama "sparrow", Zhang Luyi Li Yifeng, Zhang Ruoyun Zhang Luyi press Sohu entertainment news August 25th, annual spy war drama "sparrow" held fixed gear conference in Beijing, director Jin Chen, screenwriter Matt, starring Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi and others all the scene, the strength of the actor Zhang Luyi is a cold image in the play "villain" Bi Zhongliang, dressed in a white sweater on warm male full range of children, the site attracted fans screaming again and again, the audience burst! Zhang Luyi warm male full range of children, Qi bangs styling cited Li Yifeng, Zhang Ruoyun Tucao Meng fan art children hair white sweater collocation, Zhang Luyi to a side, Bi Zhongliang play a ruthless debut at the scene immediately attracted the media and fans, one hand a touzu, full of warm handsome male fan children, even pictures when a playful spirit set up a classic "scissors" pose, it is no wonder that even with Zhang Ruoyun joked: "Zhang Luyi Liu Haitai" Qi teacher today this effort. "!" Li Yifeng immediately connected Terrier: "know today why Bi Zhongliang bangs so long? Because he didn’t cut his hair for a long time." "Sparrow" in "haircut". A "burden" s fans screaming over the roof, a trend, three actors teased each other in the table, it seems the Brotherhood has already spread to life. Not only is a good friend, brothers more when each teacher, asked in an interview: "what is the harvest and several cooperation?" Zhang Luyi said: "they are worthy of my learning, Alex accept ability is very fast, I can put all his things quickly to receive his own world, then on his way to me, rain too, feedback to give me something to make me feel very fresh, so I think a successful person are the same, they are the reasons for the success, whether it is life, work, or acting, their efforts are worth learning." The latest release of exposure trailers, Li Yifeng interpretation of life "Luyi Zhang brothers former comrades, now fellowlike, but draw further apart; step by step", this is the conference on the latest exposure of "sparrow" flower monologue, the best interpretation is also between "Chen deep" and "good Bi Zhong". Trailers, played by Li Yifeng Chen Shen played by Zhang Luyi Bi Zhongliang from the war "Jaws" pulled out, since then, two people fellowlike. They are brothers who are willing to sacrifice their lives for each other, and at the same time threaten each other’s lives! Excellent exposure of the latest video, instantly ignite the audience’s expectations, netizens are called: "looking forward to the cooperation of the two super! Look forward to the "sparrow" broadcast!" "Sparrow" is about to fly, scheduled September 5th National premiere conference at the end of all the audience finally ushered in the long-awaited "key", with all the creative opening, announced the annual Spy Drama "sparrow" will premiere in Hunan TV in September 5th, this had on the Internet not broadcast before the fire high Yan the value of Spy Drama, and finally in the fans "time and again" in the file. When asked the sparrow!相关的主题文章: