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"Sparrow" is not a popular Ruoyun " accident; "   acting as topic is more important — Culture — original title: "sparrow" is not a popular Ruoyun "accident" with "decryption", "sparrow", "rouge" and a number of high value idol actors spy Yan war drama broadcast, Zhang Jiayi, Honglei Sun, Wu Xiubo was the hidden middle-aged actor monopoly has long Spy Drama is unrecognizable. Attendant, is the idol actor acting controversial. However, there is a lucky escape, "sparrow" in Zhang Ruoyun. A month ago, he was also "fantasy drama Kyushu sky" the role was crazy Tucao, unexpectedly appeared in Spy Drama stand head and shoulders above others attitude. Idol halo influence the role of feeling "sparrow" in Zhang Ruoyun’s wise, loving the sea of Tangshan, and Dongyu Zhou as Xu Bicheng disguised as a couple, not only to protect Xu Bicheng, for all sorts of impulsive behavior hide remedy, it must be completed third of the male and female people. "Sparrow" after the broadcast, Li Yifeng slightly slow acting criticism, in contrast, the audience suddenly found Zhang Ruoyun is a rare acting idol actor in the play. In fact, unlike the premiere Spy Drama Li Yifeng, Zhang Ruoyun is already a veteran spy drama actor, has starred in "Snow Leopard", "new version", "Fox", "red rose" and a number of Spy Drama, just as the appearance of partial idol type actor in Spy Drama does not concern. Later, Zhang Ruoyun became famous in the web series "and later a series of" Wu Xin the monster killer, played some fantasy drama "green hill", "Fox legend Kyushu sky" is gradually attention. So, he is more likely to discern the pros and cons of idol Spy Drama, performing the role of nature than other actors penetrating. Zhang Ruoyun, attributed to the young actor can not grasp the spy drama is arbitrary, because the story of, there are many senior military and espionage is a young man. The problem is that the Star Idol state, Zhang Ruoyun said: "this is a little meat in the teeth of the storm for two years, we discuss over in other works, such as what is inside the image, what is the debut, life is what kind of person, to the fans is what kind of person, have unavoidably exposed. But an actor you know him these things too much when you look at the role of time will affect the sense of substitution, rather than actors really can’t act." In addition to the story of the problem, "the traditional spy drama fans, think there is no need to add a lot of love. In fact, the producers and directors of young viewers want to see the so-called ‘Idol’ in the end what is not particularly clear." Played more and more important topics like many idol stars with a drama after the popular ranked line, so they have a general impression to outsiders, as long as there is a "beauty", once famous easy. In fact, as long as the use Baidu Search each resume, will know that they are in a long wait before fame honed over the determination and will, I do not know when the The path winds along mountain ridges. Zhang Ruoyun recalled, "in 2014 a year how did not receive the play, and then very poor, almost rent can not afford to pay, and now back)相关的主题文章: