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So let the children draw so important, as early as possible! – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! Many parents think that children recite Tang poetry, recognize letters, learn the best pre-school nursery is intellectual development, is it true? Some scientists believe that painting is better intellectual development, do you know why? Better memory may see the child without "art" to speak of the painting, the first reaction is "doodle", that if a child painting no ground for blame, fully meet the aesthetic point of view as adults, can not be said to "Imagine", such as apple, because Apple is "imitation" is not again create real. But this does not mean that the children’s paintings are meaningless, but in our adult thinking in the lack of understanding of the composition of children’s works. In their view, a small circle is a cloud, a few characters, uneven lines is a house, a few trees, if we observe carefully, the earliest use of the Oracle is like a child’s unconscious memory "Oh! The kids put their mind in store for in the memory of feeling in the outside, and then to the" young "" naive "way to express the abstract. Some psychologists believe that children before the age of 5 is the highest creative, almost equal to the master painting. The content of their paintings is not empty, is a memory of the reality of recovery, but the performance is not the way we adults accepted. The observation is stronger when your child is happily pointing to his paintings in the "strange" said this is super, it is invincible, with full confidence in the eyes don’t hit him with. Although the picture of some confusion, the shape of some outrageous, but you have not found, because of our common and a contemptuous disregard things in daily life, is what role or attitude in his perception of the world? This is actually the child the ability to observe the performance, without fixed pattern restrictions they can pay attention to many adults pay no attention to the details of their inner world, sometimes also more sensitive than adults. Why is it so difficult to understand what a child draws because we have a difference in our imagination and understanding. Adult love rules, the real thing, and the children’s world full of fairy tale romance, the flowers will be singing, the sun long beard, a small rabbit holding balloons, TV with two hands…… This is the best expression of imagination. At the same time, the use of color to show the children the bold imagination, in accordance with their own interests and wishes to daub colors, red, green, blue house little kitten…… But do not use the "outrageous" to understand the world they see, because in their eyes, the world is rich and colorful. Emotions will be in a timely manner. The famous educator Dexter wehe pointed out: "painting 1 hours to get something, than watching 9 hours to get something more." That’s why!相关的主题文章: