Small Tablet-pc Maker Tries To Gain A Bigger

Mobil-.puting When it .es to Tablet PC , Enspert has been faster than its bigger rivals and just as aggressive. Despite being a mid-sized firm, the .pany was the first to introduce a tablet PC in Korea by releasing the Identity Tab in September through KT, Koreas No. 2 mobile carrier. Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab and Apples iPad both went on sale in November, roughly two months later. Furthermore, it has been active in making a name for itself in overseas markets as well. It took part in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, where it reportedly signed a deal with Best Buy, a major retailer of consumer electronics in the U.S., and is set to take part in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month. Amid speculation that Samsung and Apple are preparing to unveil updated tablet PC models, Enspert showcased its new 7-inch tablet PC, dubbed Identity Cron, yesterday. Identity Tab sold 65,000 units and we are quite satisfied with the results, said Daniel Lee, the .panys president. We created Identity Cron by incorporating feedback from various experts concerning the Identity Tab. But it is the general consensus among industry observers that the specifications of the new device are not particularly advanced. It runs on version 2.2 of the Android operating system, Froyo, while rival models from LG and Motorola are based on a newer version called Honey.b. One feature, however, that clearly sets Identity Cron apart from others is its strong media playing capabilities. Equipped with dual digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) technology, it allows users to watch DMB content and streaming content as well as Internet-protocol television (IPTV) and video-on-demand (VOD). It can switch back and forth among these different content formats, which it says is a global first. Observers note that the tablet PC boom hasnt been as big as expected. An estimated 150,000 Galaxy Tab units have sold in Korea, while sales for the iPad have topped just 50,000 units. The future looks brighter, though. We expect tablet PC sales in Korea this year will be somewhere between 2 million and 4 million, said Brian Lee, Ensperts CEO. Market researcher Gartner estimates that the tablet PC market will expand to 54.8 million units this year from 19.5 million last year. But the game will likely get tougher for Enspert, as .petitors are slated to release new models, including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Pantech, Motorola Mobility and Research In Motion. We do feel limitations in marketing because we are a small firm, but we plan to forge stronger ties with mobile carriers and expand our presence, Lee said. We aim to sell 500,000 units of our tablet PCs this year. Joining forces with KT for the launch of its previous tablet model was strategic for both parties. Enspert was able to benefit from KTs distribution prowess, while KT wanted to keep in check the strong partnership of Samsung and SK Tele., the countrys top wireless provider. Identity Cron will again be available through KT. It is expected to cost around 500,000 won ($451). Its Wi-Fi model will go on sale late this month and its Wibro model will hit store shelves in April. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: