Shandong photographer Hou Heliang, won the money defending awards &quot &quot Chinese photography;

Shandong photographer Hou Heliang, won the China " money to defend Photography Awards; " Shandong photographer Hou Heliang, won the money to defend Chinese Photography Awards "Chinese Photography Awards Awards in Beijing Dazhong news November 4th November 4th, the eleventh session of the China photography awards ceremony held in Huairou District of Beijing City, in 20 the award-winning photographer born in Shandong, accounted for 8, Shandong province Photographers Association chairman Hou Heliang and daily senior reporter Qian Han received this award. China Photography Award is the highest award by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee approved, organized by the Federation of literary and art circles and Chinese Chinese Photographers Association National Photographic art. Are Chinese awards and Golden Rooster Award, Golden Eagle Award, TV Drama Plum Blossom award and other awards, is one of the 12 highest award China art of literary and art circles, not only plays an important role in the art world, also has a broad impact in the society. The Eleventh China Photography Award Jury carefully selected, were the top 20 winners, including 9 class, photography, art photography class 8, class 3 commercial photography. (Liu Yiying)相关的主题文章: