Shaanxi province held intellectual property financial services matchmaking

Shaanxi Province intellectual property financial services matchmaking held in the afternoon of November 7th, jointly organized by the State Intellectual Property Office of the patent management division, Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau and other units of the intellectual property rights of financial services matchmaking held in Xi’an. At the meeting, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other financial institutions and the province’s 4 companies signed intellectual property pledge financing agreement, the amount of a total of 29 million yuan. It is understood that, as of September this year, the province has more than and 20 financial institutions issued a pledge of intellectual property loans, the amount of 168 enterprise patent pledge loans reached $963 million, an increase of 19.5%. The province’s patent pledge contract registration 193, an increase of 19.9%, ranking first in the country, accounting for about 10.9% of the country’s total. For small and medium enterprises, a single loan amount of less than 10 million yuan in the number of pledged loans accounted for the contract number of 90.7%. Provincial Intellectual Property Office official said, the province will further optimize the intellectual property pledge financing support policies, continue to improve the system construction, system construction. Strengthen the sharing of information and training and publicity, project promotion and other work, efforts to optimize the environment, and promote the province’s intellectual property finance work to a new level.相关的主题文章: