Several cold air arrival China is now a large range of cooling

Several cold air "arrival" China is now a large range of cooling precipitation original title: cold air "arrival" China is now a large range of cooling precipitation data map of Gansu Ying the second half of the first snowfall, temperatures plunged more than "winter night". Yang Yanmin news agency photo in October 28 Beijing Xinhua (Chen Su) 28 reporter learned from the Central Meteorological Observatory, affected by cold air, the more significant cooling and rain and snow weather, is expected to 28 days 29 days two days, cold air will continue eastward and southward. Meteorological experts said that two strong cold air, followed by a large part of China’s influence. The central meteorological station chief forecaster Sun Jun said that from now until the beginning of November there will be two times of cold air influence Chinese. The first cold air has moved to the Hexi Corridor on the morning of 27, and continue to move eastward, will affect China’s eastern and southern regions. 30, 2009, the cold air will be from the southern Mongolia plateau region, the eastern and central regions of the wind will cool down again in the weather, second. It is expected that affected by the cold air in the north of the Yangtze River will drop 4 to 8 degrees, some parts of more than 10 degrees C. Two cold air stack, make at the beginning of the month temperature downstream of the Yellow River and its north near or below 0 DEG C to the end of the month, is expected in parts of the Middle East since the temperature will reach the lowest value of autumn, north to parts of Huang Huai will appear at the beginning of frost. Beijing in November 1st the lowest temperature in the morning will reach 2 degrees Celsius below zero. In addition, affected by cold air, rain and snow will be taken to the threshing ground. Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and other parts of the snow or rain to snow, local snow. Two cold air transit, Huaihe and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River precipitation lasting longer, to the end of this month will be rainy weather. Sun Jun said that although the number of cold air menacing, but did not reach the level of a wide range of cold winter, will not let Chinese ahead of the arrival of "feature of the cold air is a wide range of precipitation, temperatures continue to fall, pick up a short time, more cold air continues to affect, but the overall impact is only about 5 days time." The Central Meteorological Station forecast, the temperature at the beginning of November, Middle East will have rebounded significantly. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: