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Secret: there are 5 pockets but Chinese tunic suit has 7 layers of meaning – the Sohu news       the author | Chen Xiang Li Fu | editor coagulation today is the anniversary of Sun Zhongshan’s birth 150. Although the great man died many years ago, but we still think of him often, around the total named landmarks: Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan street, Zhongshan bridge, Zhongshan Park…… The government know added, and tunic! As we all know, this is a kind of traditional Chinese dress designed by Sun Zhongshan. In 2007, the British media will affect the world’s ten sets of clothing, selected Chinese tunic suit. Before, in the content of the proposal on "Mr. Sun Zhongshan the 150 anniversary of the birth of related matters", the KMT Central Committee recommended as a national formal dress tunic. When it comes to dress, many people will think of two years ago, Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe, to participate in the Royal Palace in Holland dressed in the national costume". The one he wore, a fierce look like tunic, but really with the original style is different: there is no longer closed but slightly open the lapel, collar, flashed a white shirt; four to three pocket pocket, left a black and white scarf corset pocket. This dress with the leaders of the state activities caused concern. Many people think that the Chinese dress, is a modified version of Chinese tunic suit. In some important occasions, Xi Jinping will wear the traditional Chinese tunic suit, such as last year’s "9? 3" parade, Xi Jinping wearing a tunic attend the international attention to the occasion. The government know note that together on the rostrum of Tiananmen ceremony song equality veteran retired leaders, is wearing a tunic. And then go back to the old generation of leaders, whether it is for everyday wear or state activities, is the standard dress tunic. Because Mao Zedong often wears a tunic, so called as "western mountains Huzhong hair" (Mao Suit); Japanese call for "people’s Tunic suit". Major occasions to wear a suit from Hu Yaobang as general secretary of the precedent. 1987 after the appearance of the new Standing Committee in the first Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee, a number of standing committee have put on a suit. Of course, not all leaders accept suit, Li Xiannian resolutely do not wear a suit. He said, "why do you have to wear a suit?…… Well I see tunic, I would wear a tunic." The government knew, 2012, former Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang in the outgoing shift and Hu Chunhua, also wearing a tunic appearance. When he told us that: "five years ago I was wearing a suit and for the first time we meet, today I will wear a tunic left, take away is the culture of Guangdong, China characteristics!" Wang said that the "Guangdong culture" has its own. In 1919, Sun Zhongshan served as the Grand Marshal Chinese revolutionary government in Guangzhou, was wearing a suit style cumbersome and inconvenient; Chinese original clothing, can not fully express the Chinese uplifting spirit of the times, in practice there are similar suits the disadvantages. So please Shanghai Henry clothing store will be a British army uniform change clothes. This set of clothes while retaining uniform style of some, the advantages of Chinese clothing and suit, crystalline相关的主题文章: