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Team-Building Let us face it – we all have egos. Problems arise when we do not know how to handle our own egos. A corporate office is a warehouse of ego clashes. Such conflicts hamper the overall environment of the work place. Is it possible to avoid ego hassles? While everyone is responsible for their behaviour, corporate management can instil a sense of discipline and unison among team members to facilitate a cooperative and organized work environment. Egos are delicate things, and one has to be careful while handling them. Especially, when egos regulate how the team performs. In a team with ego-clashes, it is pertinent for a manager to address and solve this problem head on, and as early as possible. Building a positive and unified outlook in the team as a whole is a managers job. When addressing ego problems, it is not right to address it one-to-one. Blaming a person for the teams failure will not do anything to boost that persons morale! Here is when corporate team building programs .e into the picture. There are various, and interesting, team building workshops and exercises that can help in addressing ego issues, without having to confront specific people. In addition, such team building activities help the whole team understand the importance of united work. Activities to solve ego problems To make team members realize that keeping aside ego issues and working as a team is beneficial for not just the organization, but for them as team players as well, you need to carefully develop team building workshops that address the precise problem. The cooking challenge: Cooking is an art; and cooking as a team is a challenge. This activity is an effective corporate team building program. Participants are divided into teams and they have to create a dish cook, decorate and present. While performing this activity, team members are thrown in an atmosphere where they have no other choice but to work together. As the activity progresses, it helps the participants to shed their egos and .munication issues and start working truly as a team. The celluloid challenge : Movies, as entertaining as they are, it takes a lot of work and running around to get it .pleted. The celluloid challenge is a very successful activity in any team building workshop . This activity needs the teams to don their imagination hats and create a film! Making a movie is not a one-man show. This activity is a perfect way to create unanimity among the team members and helps them get over their ego issues and realize that working together as team reaps definite benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: