Qujiang pig farmers into the landscape area of ecological recycling mode pr011.msi

Qujiang pig farmers moved into residential landscape between the ecological cycle of breeding pattern of flowers and trees of green houses, hardened roads clean, clear streams, from time to time the fish swim…… Can you believe that this area is used to raise pigs? Recently, the reporter walked into Zhu Yang Cun lotus town of Qujiang District of the farming community, found that there are no bad smell, can not see the floor of pig manure and sewage, at present, is a tidy dormitory". "The conditions here are much better than the original." The 50 year old Mao bead is detailed large farming district, the pig began from 2000, contracted farms built in Longyou, because the farm was built in the last century in 50s, poor conditions do not say, pollution is also a headache problem. "At that time, most of our sewage was discharged into nearby rivers, dirty and smelly." So he made up his mind to look elsewhere. The hair was removed to the Qujiang District in the Pearl, repeatedly heard Zhu Yang Cun a farming community, through the study, we invested a bag check". The new hair pearl farms have detailed separation of rain and sewage digesters, septic tanks, and other facilities, can very good prevention and control of pollution. It is understood that Zhu Yang village to regulate the breeding industry, the protection of the ecological environment, in 2008, built a farming district. During the period of the five water cohabitation, the village of livestock pollution remediation, the original does not meet the requirements of all the remaining demolition pigsty, with farming conditions farmers concentrated into the area, unified management. At present, there are more than and 10 farmers farming area, ecological aquaculture mode is used, the introduction of the latest biotechnology, stool, sewage and other scientific turning waste into treasure, not only will not pollute the environment, near the river, but also increase the income for farmers. "Farming district so that many farmers have been in real interest, which is livestock pollution remediation, showing the ‘five water cohabitation’ effect of miniature." Qujiang District Animal Husbandry Bureau, responsible person, the next, how to maintain a virtuous circle, the establishment of long-term cleaning supervision mechanism has become the top priority of the moment. "We have third party supervision, whether it is online data monitoring, monitoring and management or line, are carried out simultaneously, to ensure that small farming pollution, also beautiful scenery to the people."相关的主题文章: