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Wealth secrets act as a simile to doing what you love. When you want to know if you can get rich quick, don’t scoff. Instant gratification is possible, but not unless you do what you love. After all, what’s a life of wealth to you? Rolling around in hundred dollar bills in the privacy of your bedroom might get old after a while. (I’m talking about a different kind of wealth secret.) Being around the ones you love and enriching yourself with something you feel passionately, those are the things you’ll remember. Are you ready to find out my wealth secrets? Here’s a quiz meant to guide you to a life of wealth and love. Hint: The secrets lie within you… 1. Achieving a minimal level of success in your goal towards wealth means… a. You aren’t trying hard enough b. You have failed in identifying your life’s mission c. You move forward with your life in confidence d. If you aren’t going to do it all the way, don’t do it at all 2. The pathway towards wealth secrets include… a. Spiritual pursuits b. Family c. Finances and health d. All of the above 3. To identify the messes in your life… a. Figure out situations where what you have is not what you want b. Identify situations outside of yourself that don’t match with what you want on the inside c. Have tolerance for negative situations d. Both a and b are true e. Both b and c are true 4. If an abundance of money isn’t flowing into your bank account… a. Your "messes" are keeping abundance out b. You should find where your life is out of balance c. Both a and b are true d. Keep doing what you do until you get it right 5. The difference between physical and relationship messes is… a. Physical messes are easy to identify b. Relationships aren’t related to wealth secrets c. Relationship messes are easy to fix d. Both a and b are true e. Both a and c are true The Answers: 1. (c) The smallest step towards your goal keeps your momentum going. By doing something on a consistent basis, you gain force and will. The difference will be noticed in your attitude and over a period of time. 2. (d) All of these elements are a part of wealth secrets. When one is out of balance, your life will be unfulfilled. 3. (d) Tolerance for negative situations will not do anything but bring more negativity into your life. 4. (c) When you keep doing something that you aren’t getting right, you’re just beating yourself up. Try something different. Figure out the areas in your life that are a "mess". Make a refreshing change. 5. (a) Relationship messes are harder to identify and harder to fix. If I were to ask you to clean the kitchen or patch up a fight you had with your father, which one would be easier to do? Cleaning messes that give immediate results help you feel good. Take these questions and find the answers within yourself. Living the wealth secrets requires a willingness to discover what you love and start formulating a life mission. 相关的主题文章: