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Pregnant mother understand these three points, and then do B ultrasound will be better – Sohu maternal and child in the course of pregnancy, the most worried about is whether the baby is healthy. In order to be able to nurture a healthy baby, B ultrasound examination is essential. However, with the development of Internet and increasing understanding of medical knowledge, understanding of ultrasound and more to do B will affect the health of the fetus has become the concern of pregnant women. Do B what is the use? With most people know that the ultrasonic examination was a painless way, understand the condition of the fetus by ultrasound, fetal head position, fetal and amniotic fluid volume, etc.. By doing B Ultrasound check to know whether the fetus malformation, and fetal malformation. Viral infection or drug effects can cause fetal malformations, which can be detected. B ultrasound, safe? Although B ultrasound to allow pregnant women to understand the situation of the fetus, but do B ultrasound safe?. B ultrasound safety is directly related to the dose of ultrasound. In the regular hospital, will operate in accordance with the instrument, will not affect the health of the fetus. Women in the first three months of pregnancy, do B ultrasound examination need to be cautious. If the clinical diagnosis is necessary or B Ultrasound should do, not delay treatment. When to do B ultrasound, is the best. Pregnant women are particularly afraid of fetal problems, hoping to be able to understand the fetus. Although B ultrasound will not cause harm to the fetus, but it is not recommended to do. In the course of pregnancy, the normal pregnancy check two times better. After the first 0 weeks of pregnancy, check whether the fetus malformation, the second time after the 28 week, to understand the development of the fetus. If there is an abnormal situation in the process of pregnancy, the need to increase the number of checks in accordance with the actual situation. Special reminder, B ultrasound is not a panacea. It is not to say that any fetal problems can be detected by B-mode ultrasound. Different stages of pregnancy, the focus is not the same as B Ultrasound check. In order to baby’s health, pregnant women should be under the guidance of a doctor to check, do not worry too much about the fetus. If the doctor tells you that you don’t need to do B ultrasound, don’t do it.相关的主题文章: