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Daily ideological aspect: anti-corruption education should touch the soul – View – since eighteen Party’s party, we go to drastic ills, severe punishment determination to guagu zhuangshiduanwan, courage, strong combat corruption, anti-corruption struggle with remarkable results. However, the current anti-corruption struggle is still grim and complex situation, some people still feel lucky to engage in corruption. Luck, let some of the party members and cadres of corruption in the mire deeper, eventually too late to regret. Therefore, to carry out the fight against corruption, anti-corruption education should be strengthened to promote the party members and cadres to overcome luck. Since the establishment of our party, we have formulated a series of rules and regulations to regulate the right of use of Party members and cadres. But some corrupt because of luck, will rush into danger. They think that as long as do not leak, may also not be the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, check on your head; if succeed, can make a fortune, and they have both fish and bear’s paw; if checked, as long as the denials, perhaps can resist the review of success; but deny the stolen money, evade the crucial point, pay head leave the bulk of generations can be happy…… It is this luck, let some Party cadres continue to slide into the abyss of corruption. Engage in corruption is fluky psychology, think they can escape to deceive the public, "faith", is a kind of adventure, psychological speculation. Some party members and cadres are engaged in corruption will have luck, after all is because the anti-corruption institutional mechanism in China for a period of time has been set up but not perfect, while strengthening the ideological education but also did not build a strong ideological line of defense. Therefore, intensify anti-corruption education in the anti-corruption struggle, not only from a system perspective, weaving prison system Skynet, power truss cage; also make the party members and cadres to overcome luck, let the Party cadres do not want to rot. Increase anti-corruption education, requires our anti-corruption education to touch the soul. Over the years, we have taken a lot of measures to fight corruption in education, has played a small role, but some party members and cadres in terms of corruption or not convergence, do not accept the hand, what to do. This shows that some places, units and departments to engage in education just go through the motions, did not touch the soul. The anti-corruption education to make the educated mind, understand the truth of official life, know your bottom line, correctly distinguish right and wrong, right and wrong, always with a heart of the people. To achieve such an effect, anti-corruption education must touch the soul, can not float on the surface, but can not be reduced to the form. In education, it is necessary to play a positive role model, but also to play the role of the negative warning of the sacked corrupt officials. After a number of corrupt officials sacked, confession said: every night to sleep, almost every night scared into a cold sweat, wake up again can’t sleep, always wanted to know what the accident. Notice of meeting, afraid of being away at the venue; work is afraid to return home; superiors to talk about work, is also afraid to borrow under the title. These experiences, the best is to overcome the warning of luck, can effectively help the Party cadres to build a strong ideological line of defense. Of course, to increase anti-corruption education, relying solely on education itself is not enough相关的主题文章: