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"Peerless master" exposure "director Lu Zhengyu is very busy" featuring a multitasker – Sohu entertainment director Lu Zhengyu about the drama director Lu Zhengyu and creative director Lu Zhengyu view thereplay children [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news new year comedy film "will be released on New Year’s day today" peerless master first exposure "director busy" edition the making of the audience, a comprehensive display of a screen writer, director, starring Lu Zhengyu behind the scenes footage. The special edition, the director has full screen work, also has its active studio atmosphere funny play — excellence NG graphics, speaking on the poker-faced drama director collocation unique "Lu cold joke", also show a side of film comedy character. With a good living details to Sike in the end to show the real shooting state special director, a film director, starring two hats, all grabbed, on one hand we have the character Lu small lively place, full of delight, on the other hand, also need to carry out comprehensive guidance to other actors. The scene, Lu guide taught children played a "eat noodles", personally for the actors demonstration every action should be repeated scrutiny and consideration of a simple expression, even the swarm performance "followed by a no mouth" such tiny details and never let go. The scene again and again, again, can be explained by the director of each frame of the stringent requirements of the lens, and the seriousness of the film comedy control. At the same time, the album also directed the old classic works, "Hey ha, he is only a child" and other funny lines still in micro-blog and other social media spread, although many years later, still no joke, hilarious. When fish came back from behind the scenes, sincerity as net generation’s senior author, Lu Zhengyu filmed the network drama series "hip-hop Quartet" in early 2009, the network drama is due to a record breaking 100 million hits record, to load Internet history. Subsequently, Lu Zhengyu led to "master" peerless "hip-hop Trilogy" micro film popular network, and the first attempt to Youku cinema pay on demand, the first payment and then free mode at that time is undoubtedly a bold attempt to challenge the traditional film and television industry chain. However, in the rapid rise of network drama, but Lu Zhengyu’s, dormant in the exercise behind the big screen movie shooting skills, has a co writer joined the "Westward Journey" to drop the article, CO written and executive director to participate in the "Mermaid" shooting. Today, Lu guide finally came back, it will bring the sincerity of the screen comedy "peerless master for everyone"! It is reported that the film "peerless master on January 28, 2017 national release".相关的主题文章: