Peake Van Gaal a man shelling had put me down on the

Peake Van Gaal: a man shelling had put me down on the floor of Peake Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 14th, Peake told goal interview with foreign media when shelling Van Gaal when he was young, bluntly humiliated Holland coach, who had been pushed to the ground. At that time, Van Gaal predicted Peake difficult chengdaqi. Van Gaal occupation career twice at Barcelona, especially the 02-03 season, Van Gaal second times in the Nou Camp coach, promoted Iniesta, Valdez and other young players, who later became the mainstay of Barcelona, but Van Gaal is not for everyone to huiyanshizhu. Peake recently said in an interview: "I play in the youth team at the time, Van Gaal is the first team coach, then I met, and then suddenly pushed me, I immediately fell to the ground, he told me that is not physically strong, can not become a Barcelona player." "He ruined me until I was 18, and it was really hard for me to work in the gym at barcelona." Peake bluntly. Later, Peake joined the club in the summer of 2004, but in the years, Peake was not good enough. The summer of 2008, Peake returned to Barcelona, and became a world-class defender, now is the mainstay of Barcelona defence. Foreign media bluntly, Peake has proved that the mistakes of Van Gaal, he is now the Catalonia giants, the 29 year old players have played on behalf of Barcelona, more than 300 times, won the Champions League and the Champions League in the top 6. (Zhou Kai)相关的主题文章: