Own dog bites neighbor, a chicken woman claims 600 yuan-ratatouille

A dog bitten by her neighbor, a chicken woman, claims 600 yuan. Recently, Miss Sun’s dog bites the neighbor’s "reassuring chicken", and the neighbor claims 600 yuan. Miss sun look stupid: a hen was so valuable? The dog bites the owner of the hen and quarrels with each other. The Samoye dog, Mimi, bites the hen for just 8 months, and is in a period of transition from a young dog to an adult dog. Although she is gentle, she is energetic and lively. On the same day, Ms. sun’s mother, Ms. Zhang, took the dog out and walked to 200 meters away from home. Mimi heard the grass suddenly The voice, suddenly rushed to the grass, because of the great power of dog dash, Ms. Zhang did not hold. "A lot of movement at once, when I was the general turmoil, control the dog has a feather, the chicken looks dying, I quickly call the next person to help me take the chicken out." Ms. Zhang said, there were five or six onlookers, but no one came forward to help her remove the chicken. In desperation, Ms. Zhang grabbed the chicken into the nearby house walls. "This is chicken. You have to pay for it." One of the onlookers told Ms. zhang. Feeding comfortable chicken "is the local custom, intended to seek luck. Two families had her family to be sent to the hen, hope daughter can peacefully live in his house, and the hen meaning early Takako, many sons in the family egg. Ms. Zhang immediately after hearing that willing to compensate 200 yuan, if not enough, willing to compensate 300 yuan. Master Wang has chicken home, see a mess. "300 unlucky, want to compensate for 600 yuan."!" Ms. Wang said. Arrived at Miss Sun received the mother’s phone, listen to the other claims 600 yuan meng. She replied: "we are wrong earlier, but 600 yuan is not a little too much?" The two sides once again had a dispute. "This is my family’s chicken, don’t say 300, 600, how much I’m sorry!" Ms. Wang said. After more than half an hour of stalemate, the chicken was bitten by the inspection, in addition to hair loss is not a big obstacle, and finally Ms. Wang asked for compensation for a good quality hen, Miss Sun accepted. Whether the high price claims are reasonable or not, the reporter asked in Fan City farmers market, under normal circumstances, a loose breeding ecological chicken prices in 30 to 50 yuan a pound, the total price is not more than 150 yuan, layers are generally not sold. So, the market price of only a hundred dollars old hens, in the "reassuring chicken" number one, whether you can claim beyond the market price of several times the amount of compensation? The reporter consulted Mr. Liu, a legal profession. Mr. Liu said, first of all, according to the relevant provisions of China’s "tort liability law" in article Seventy-eighth, when domesticated animal causes damage to others, the infringee has not prove the damage caused by the intentional or gross negligence, shall be made by the animal keeper or manager shall bear tort liability. There are two different opinions in the academic circles of civil law for whether the reassuring chicken claims several times more than the market price. One opinion is that the chicken is the emotional sustenance of the villagers, in addition to the price attribute, it also has certain.

自家狗咬伤邻居家一只鸡 女子遭索赔600元   近日,市民孙小姐的狗狗咬伤了邻居家的“安心鸡”,邻居提出索赔600元。孙小姐一下懵了:一只老母鸡竟这么值钱?   家狗咬伤母鸡   主人发生争执   咬伤母鸡的萨摩耶犬咪咪刚8个月,处于幼年犬向成年犬过渡的时期,虽然性情温顺,但精力充沛、活泼好动。   当天,孙小姐母亲张女士带狗出门,行至离家200米处,咪咪突然听到草丛里有????的声音,猛然向草丛冲去,由于犬猛冲时的力量很大,张女士没能牵住。   “一下子鸡飞狗跳的,动静很大,我控制住狗的时候已一地鸡毛,那只鸡看起来奄奄一息,我连忙喊旁边的人帮我把鸡拿开。”张女士说,当时围观的有五六个人,但没人上前帮她把鸡移走。情急之下,张女士一把抓起鸡,扔进了附近人家的围墙里。   “这是‘安心鸡’,你要赔了。”围观的人中有人告诉张女士。   饲养“安心鸡”是当地的习俗,意在讨彩头。两户人家结亲,娘家人要送去母鸡,希冀女儿在夫家能安安心心地生活,而母鸡在夫家产蛋寓意早生贵子、多子多福。   张女士听闻后立刻表示愿意赔偿200元,不够的话愿赔300元。鸡主人王女士闻悉赶回家,看到一片狼藉。“300不吉利,要赔就600元!”王女士说。   孙小姐接到母亲的电话后也赶到,一听对方索赔600元便懵了。她回应道:“是我们有错在先,但600元是不是有点漫天要价?”   双方再次发生了争执。“这是我家的‘安心鸡’,不要说300、600,赔多少我都不舒心!”王女士说。   僵持了半个多小时,被咬伤的鸡经检查除了掉毛并无大碍,最终王女士要求再赔偿一只品质好的母鸡,孙小姐表示接受。   高价求偿是否合理   看法各有不同   记者在范市农贸市场询问到,正常情况下一只散养的生态鸡价格在30到50元一斤,总价不超过150元,蛋鸡一般不出售。   那么,市场价仅百余元的老母鸡,在冠以“安心鸡”的头号后,是否就可以主张超出市场价好几倍的赔偿款呢?记者咨询了法律界人士刘先生。刘先生表示,首先,依据我国《侵权责任法》第七十八条的相关规定,当饲养的动物对他人造成损害时,在不能证明被侵权人对所造成的损害具有故意或重大过失时,应当由动物饲养人或管理人承担侵权责任。对于“安心鸡”是否主张超出市场价好几倍的赔偿款,当今民法学术界存在两种不同的见解,一种意见认为“安心鸡”作为村民的情感寄托物,除了价格属性外,还具有一定的精神属性,属于最高人民法院《关于确定民事侵权精神损害赔偿责任若干问题的解释》第四条所称的“具有人格象征意义的特定纪念品”,因此,超出市场价的赔偿主张应当得到支持。另一种意见则认为,精神损害赔偿只能严格限定在法律规定的界限内,“安心鸡”不具有人格权利,故不具有精神属性,应严格按照所造成的实际损害定损赔偿。   刘先生个人认为,将精神属性仅仅解释为人格权利是片面的,其更应包含人格利益,当鸡成为特定物,成了村民的吉祥物,便与人的感情和精神建立了一定的关系,这个关系就决定了“安心鸡”具有人格象征意义的精神属性,成为精神损害赔偿的请求基础,故主张高于实际损害的赔偿款并非是没有道理。但高于市场价近6倍的赔偿款是否合理,还是得看当事人双方的协商调解结果,并结合当地的风俗习惯予以确定。相关的主题文章: