Ngo Bangalore Feeds More Than 4-lakh Children-baxia

News-and-Society The mid-day meal scheme in Karnataka is being implemented by many organisations across the state. One of the most prominent non-governmental organisations is The Akshaya Patra Foundation. This NGO Bangalore was started way back in 2000. This NGO Bangalore initially fed just 1,500 children in five Government schools in and around the city. The overwhelming response from neighbouring schools along with the Supreme Courts mandate on 28 November 2001 stating- "Cooked mid-day meal is to be provided in all the government and government-aided primary schools in all the states were the impetus for the growth of this NGO Bangalore. In 2003, the NGO received support from Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of School Health and Education) and by then, this NGO Bangalore had already increased its reach from 1,500 to 23,000 underserved children with the support from benevolent donors. Gradually the need was felt across the state and in the year 2004, this NGO Bangalore expanded its operations in three new locations namely Hubli, Mysore and Mangalore as a forward move to implement the mid-day meal scheme in Karnataka. In July 2006, Akshaya Patra began its operations in Bellary and in July 2007, it opened its second kitchen in Bangalores Vasanthapura location. By implementing the mid-day meal scheme in Karnatakas five locations, the NGO is providing nutritious food to 463,682 children of 2,629 Government schools across the state every day. Apart from implementing mid-day meal scheme in Karnataka, Akshaya Patra is also operational as a mid-day meal implementing NGO in nine other states of India namely Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. In 21 locations spread across the 10 states, Akshaya Patra follows the centralised method of cooking meals in state-of-the-art mechanised kitchens with capacity to prepare lakhs of meals at one time, whereas two locations follow the decentralised kitchen format mainly due to topographical reasons. Irrespective of following centralised or decentralised format, all Akshaya Patra kitchens follow a rigorous process to maintain hygiene and cleanliness while preparing the mid-day meals by keeping the nutritional .ponents intact. As of March 2014, this NGO Bangalore has branched out to 23 locations and feeds 1.4 million children across India, every day. This NGO Bangalore receives support from Central Government and various State Governments in the form of grants and subsidies to implement the mid-day meal scheme in Karnataka and other serving states. But, it also requires the support of the citizens to run and manage the mid-day meal scheme. Akshaya Patra is one of the most reliable online charity donations in India. As a policy of transparency and accountability it provides all details of its in.e and expenditure in its Annual Report that is published at the end of each financial year. By contributing online charity donations in India for Akshaya Patra one eligible for 100% tax exemption. Also, online charity donations in India is the fastest and easiest way to provide wholesome meal to the underserved children of the nation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: