Newly graduated college students into 3 months of unemployment within six months of employment rate

3 new college graduates are not employment within six months turnover rate of 1 3- education Sohu Beijing News News (reporter Wu Wei) reporter learned today, released yesterday by the Fudan University and Tsinghua University to complete the "Chinese labor skills gap report". The report shows that only 70% of new graduates employment, and graduation within six months of turnover rate of up to 13. In addition, the college students’ skill structure is out of line with the market. In terms of labor supply, the report pointed out that the higher education professional settings, enrollment scale and market demand disjointed. College students lack of employment, high turnover rate. Survey shows that college graduates within six months of graduation rate of 13, there are about 70% of college students surveyed believe that the knowledge learned during college students is not strong". In addition, the report also pointed out that a serious gap between the college students’ employment expectation and actual demand data show that 62.03% university graduates hope to visit the party and government organs, institutions or state-owned enterprises employment, and the final 45.15% of the graduates employment in private enterprises. For newly graduated college students 30% employment data, one of the authors of the report, associate professor of sociology, Tsinghua University School of Social Sciences, said Zheng Lu, the actual real employment rate is less than 70%. "We have macro data, and there is a follow-up survey of College graduates. We also did some interviews and found that in many schools, students get a job contract after the school gave you a diploma, Zheng Lu said. However, he also said that the difference between the schools is very large, Tsinghua University is 98%, 99%, many faculties are one hundred percent." In addition, the report also pointed out that Chinese faced in the global value chain of low-end challenges such as population aging, economic growth in the new normal and manufacturing industry, high skilled labor supply and demand gap is increasing enterprises widespread shortage. However, in the training of skilled personnel report pointed out that the secondary vocational education students facing the lack of scale, scale atrophy and the shortage of full-time teachers. Higher vocational education, national financial education funds still more emphasis on general education, funding for student financial education in higher vocational colleges is only about 13 of the undergraduate colleges. In addition, there are still some problems in vocational education, such as weak practice teaching, low willingness to participate in the enterprise, and lack of cooperation between school and enterprise. We need to create a social atmosphere of advocating skills, and further improve the social status of skilled personnel." For the status of Chinese labor market and talent and skills training, will China talents of former Vice Minister of human society, President He Xian said, to enhance the training of skilled personnel, skilled personnel should strengthen incentives, and guide enterprises to rationally determine the technical workers salary level, promote the rational high level technical workers salary growth.相关的主题文章: