New York bridge repair with Chinese steel has been shocked by the National People’s reason – Sohu ne-mcncc

New York bridge with steel Chinese was boycott the shocking news – why Sohu so, an American steel maker CEO first stand out: we cannot and dumping subsidized, below cost price competition. The American experts even said: if allowed China cheap steel dumping of the United States, once the United States competitors from the market, Chinese iron and steel enterprises will be "to raise prices, further damage to U.S. jobs and the economy. The United Steelworkers union chairman said: due to the downturn in manufacturing, the United Steel workers facing layoffs, unemployment even grim situation, MTA’s project will be big, so many American taxpayer money to raise Chinese company! That’s not right! Steel workers and workers in the United States say they have the skills and ability to produce the best steel for the bridge in the safest and most environmentally friendly plants in the world. At the same time, the United Steelworkers under the flag of 850 thousand members to petition elected representatives at all levels, put pressure on the president of the Federation also said: predatory behavior we asked Congress for action against Chinese "". People filled with righteous indignation to fully express their patriotism, and coexists with the determination of the cause of the American Iron and steel. As can be imagined, in charge of the project in the event of MTA, was pushed in the teeth of the storm, so they quickly issued a statement, said: we are really no way. The bridge repair requires the use of a orthotropic steel to shop in the bridge, the special steel need to be lighter than the general steel, more durable. We simply can not find an American enterprises have the experience and capacity to meet the production of the bridge maintenance required for iron and steel, but also guarantee period will not be delayed. They had carefully examined in the bidding, the only company that can produce this kind of steel enterprises, in fact it is not up to the requirements, more importantly, their price is actually two times China enterprises, such a high cost of who pays? Bridge shorter life who is responsible? Thus, the project started in accordance with the original plan. When the last ship from Qinhuangdao to New York iron and steel Chinese, and to reinforce the bridge bound, Vera M. Lozano Strait Bridge project officially completed on schedule. From that day on, the longest suspension bridge in the United States was engraved with the "made in China" brand! China in light industry of rolling, but the bridge has already be not at all surprising, manufacturing and assembly of iPhone hat, this is not the same, we do not have the technical content of the low-end, but heavy industry leading. Moreover, other people can not do it, after all, no way, finally, we can only do. In early 2013, the global network has published an article pointed out that the reason for Chinese steel is very popular in the United States there are two. One is the China steel price is relatively cheap; two is the United States, specializes in bridge such specialized contractors are relatively scarce, parts made in bridge across the United States, China enterprise has now become an expert. The Wall Street journal.相关的主题文章: