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Finance It is possible to resolve IRS back taxes by simply paying the Internal Revenue Service in full.  Paying back taxes in full also includes paying off the accrued penalties and interest on the back taxes since the date the taxes were initially assessed.  Accrued interest and penalties can rapidly add thousands of dollars to an IRS back tax debt.  Not surprisingly, most taxpayers that have delinquent IRS taxes do not have the funds to pay their tax bill in full .  They need tax debt help!  Fortunately, there are some forms of IRS tax relief that may assist them with their dilemma.    The Installment Agreement may be a viable solution for a delinquent taxpayer who is able to remit portions of the delinquent taxes to the IRS, just not one lump sum payment.  An Installment Agreement provides IRS tax relief by allowing a payment plan on a monthly basis which is based upon the amount owed and the amount the taxpayer can afford to pay. To qualify for an Installment Agreement, the taxpayer will need to disclose financial information to be reviewed against the IRS guidelines. Additionally, to qualify for this form of IRS tax relief, it is mandatory that the taxpayer be current on all federal in.e tax return filings.   Another possible solution for the taxpayer who cannot afford either the full payment or the monthly payment plan, is the “Currently Not Collectible” option.  Qualifying for this form of tax debt help with the IRS involves proving to the Internal Revenue Service that your current monthly in.e is actually “less than” your necessary monthly living expenses.  The Currently Not Collectible status does necessitate a full disclosure of financial information for the taxpayer and their spouse (if applicable).  The Internal Revenue Service will only place the taxpayer into Currently Not Collectible status once that taxpayer has filed all necessary federal in.e tax returns.   Lastly, the IRS may be willing to settle the past due tax debt for a lesser amount through the Offer in .promise program. If it appears the taxpayer may not ever be able to pay the full amount of delinquent back taxes in the foreseeable future, then this option may be available.  The Offer in .promise is a form of a resolution for IRS back taxes where the IRS will “.promise” or settle the back tax debt for less than what is owed.  This form of tax debt help is more prevalent as taxpayers face devastating financial circumstances that have long reaching effects on their financial lives.  These special circumstances are taken into consideration by the IRS. The Offer in .promise program has very specific guidelines and regulations that must be met in order to qualify.  If this option seems like it will provide the tax debt help a taxpayer needs, then it is suggested an IRS tax specialist be involved in giving expert assistance.  It is critical when applying for this form of IRS tax relief that everything be .pleted perfectly to maximize the chance of success!  About the Author: 相关的主题文章: