Na Ying missed champion mentor Wang Feng finally daughter-in-law boil into a woman (video) soulseek

Na Ying missed the champion mentor Wang Feng finally "daughter-in-law Aocheng woman" Wang Feng is the "new song" won the poll questioned the Tencent entertainment Zhuangao article / Jiang Xiaokui sub commissioning editor in late October 7th 8 thunderstorm, a week before the "bird’s nest sprint night" the birth of the top 6 players – Jay Chou, Na Ying Wang Chenrui to the ocean marine corps Li Peiling Wang Feng, Jiang Dunhao Xu Geyang, Harlem Yu Yang Meina Marine Corps, the bird’s nest on top of the battle, to launch sprint "China new song" the first season championship. After the chorus, personal tutor show two links and the audience, the professional jury vote, Jiang Dunhao won the first season of the new song "Chinese" championship, and Wang Feng finally "old daughter-in-law Aocheng woman", for the first time to become the champion mentor. However, the final night of a little bug, scene 81 judges at the polls was 92 of the total votes cast votes, attracted many users Tucao said, "I’m not good at maths, don’t lie to me!" See who have champion Wang Feng were throwing dog food 6 strong players after the birth of new sound, "who is most likely to win" problem has become a topic of hot friends, technology, fine horse robust expression of Wang Chenrui many users are optimistic, after all this is a "teachers can not pick hair disease" the technical flow; to explosive force, high voice eight degrees of Xu Geyang is also a hot topic in the bird’s nest, sing live, the girl infectious blessing, Yan value high, it is a champion full; Northeast Rihanna Yang Meina although evaluation "after half a little old, but enjoyable the performance also let her become the hot favorite to win; only 16 year old Li Peiling sound identification of excellent, affordable and famous as early as possible; to the ocean by Singapore Chinese teaching" song skillfully and hit the heart ", and the high popularity of guide Jay Chou and Jiang Dunhao also help out; because in recent years continued hot and folk by countless users concerned. So before the start of the finals, we feel that no matter who is the champion of the full, so the follow-up process to make people look forward to. The first round of students sing songs tutor links, Jay Chou led to the first appearance of ocean, bringing a new adaptation of the country and the rock genre "shuangjiegun", two people also danced merrily in Ireland dance; Jay Chou also shows his "special rap training method" — while the fitness side read rap, after training to the devil Yang said, you can challenge the "China good tongue, but in concert links, the audience still feel that your mentor is the real" China good tongue "! The young man had to practice more than two years. The second stage is Professor Na Ying and her two students, Wang Chenrui Li Peiling, the three common interpretation of Na Ying’s classic old song "love to love you lonely", and in concert later, Na Ying also expressed confidence that there are two students enter the championship, they have the advantage. The third group stage is to sing for Harlem Yu and Rihanna young urchin northeast beauty, two common interpretation of Harlem Yu’s little song "fresh" decreed by fate it will be adapted into a bold, jump off the trend of electronic dance music, but two people are obviously few mistakes, treble insufficient, let expectations create lively carnival atmosphere got a little embarrassed. Wang Feng mentor led Jiang Dunhao, the last appearance of the president of the United States and the United States and china,.相关的主题文章: