More than 3 college students choose to play mobile phones and face their relatives and friends in th-aquaria

Over 3 college students choose to play mobile phone with friends at the Spring Festival – Sohu news   the Spring Festival is approaching, students will be how to filial? The survey showed that 40.94% of the students who went abroad to study were invited to have dinner with their parents to celebrate the festival. 26.17% of them chose red envelopes to send blessings. And for the nagging of relatives, 35.4% of college students choose to play mobile phones, pretending to hear. The above survey from Renren’s attitude towards the 2016 Spring Festival survey of college students, a total of 1192 students participated in the survey, including 695 boys and 497 girls. Four adults will ask their parents to eat, how to go home during the Spring Festival? Survey shows that 40.94% of college students will choose to eat parents, 32.89% of college students will give gifts to parents, 26.17% of people choose to use mobile phone red packets to send blessings. And the most young people in the Spring Festival headache is afraid to deal with relatives nagging, how many points in the final exam, find a job, no talk about love, etc. any question is "destructive" huge. In this regard, 35.4% of college students choose to play mobile phones pretend to hear, to avoid the nagging of relatives; 26.68% choose to fool the parents to help deal with; 29.95% of the students are willing to answer patiently; only 7.97% of the students are happy to say that the family does not nag. Respondents: send SMS send blessing as red envelopes, in recent years, young people for the holidays blessing messages generated rejection mentality. Among the respondents, 25.25% will choose to send a carefully edited and sincere blessing; 5.54% will find ready messages or pictures from the Internet; 42.28% of them are willing to choose simple real red packets to express their wishes to relatives and friends. There are 26.93% of the respondents do not rigidly adhere to the sending private messages, in their view, made a circle of friends expressed their wishes to reduce disturb others. 35.57% college students to grab a red envelope this year on New Year’s Eve CCTV Spring Festival Gala mascot "saire" success to attract everyone’s attention, for college students to watch Spring Festival evening the traditional New Year’s thirty interest in activities? The survey shows that 28.28% college students will choose to watch the Spring Festival Gala, they think it has become a habit. The remaining 71.72% of respondents had new entertainment options: 25.08% of them chose to watch live video; 11.07% chose to play with their friends; and 35.57% took the red envelopes as the thirty most important thing in the year. During the Spring Festival holiday, 91% of the respondents will choose to go out to travel, of which 85% of the people choose to travel in the country, to visit the surrounding attractions of the city is the focus of your choice. 超3成大学生春节选择玩手机面对亲友唠叨-搜狐新闻     新春佳节即将来临,大学生们会如何尽孝?调查显示,在外求学的大学生归家,40.94%选择请父母吃饭来庆祝佳节,26.17%的人则选择手机红包的方式来送祝福。而对于亲戚的唠叨,35.4%的大学生选择玩手机假装听不见。   以上的调查来自人人网近日针对大学生进行的2016年春节态度调查,参加调查的学生共计1192人,其中男生695人,女生497人。   四成人会请父母吃饭   春节回家怎么过?调查显示,40.94%的大学生会选择请父母吃饭,32.89%的大学生会给父母送上礼物,26.17%的人选择用手机红包送祝福。   而春节当中最让年轻人们头疼的恐怕就是应付亲戚们的唠叨,期末考试多少分、找到工作没有、谈没谈恋爱等任何一问都“杀伤力”巨大。   对此,35.4%的大学生选择玩手机假装听不见来躲避亲戚们的唠叨;26.68%选择糊弄一番让父母帮忙应对;29.95%的同学愿意耐心回答;仅7.97%的学生很幸福地说家里人不唠叨。   受访者:群发短信送祝福不如发红包   近年来,年轻人对于逢年过节群发祝福短信产生了排斥心理。在受访者中,25.25%的人会选择发送一段自己用心编辑、有诚意的祝福;5.54%的人会从网上找现成的祝福语或图片;42.28%的人愿意选择简单实在的红包来表达对亲朋好友的祝愿。还有26.93%的受访者不拘泥于群发私信,在他们看来,发朋友圈既表达了自己的祝福,也减少了对他人的打扰。   35.57%大学生准备除夕夜抢红包   今年的央视春节晚会用吉祥物“猴赛雷”成功的吸引了大家的目光,大学生对于收看春晚这种传统的大年三十活动兴趣如何?   本次调查显示,28.28%大学生会选择观看春节晚会,他们认为这已经成了一种习惯。而剩余的71.72%受访者有了新的娱乐选择:其中25.08%的人选择看网络直播视频;11.07%的人选择跟朋友一起玩;还有35.57%的人把抢红包当成了年三十的第一要务。   在春节长假期间,有91%的受访者会选择出门旅游,其中有85%的人选择在国内旅游,去所在城市的周边景点游玩是大家的选择重点。相关的主题文章: