Meranti by Fujian Quanzhou 9 dead 8 missing more than 680 thousand people affected by the Sohu

"Meranti" by Fujian Quanzhou 9 dead 8 missing more than 680 thousand people were affected in Quanzhou Beijing News – Sohu in September 17,   (reporter Sun Hong) 17, Fujian Quanzhou municipal flood control office, the latest statistics show that the typhoon "Meranti" hit, the affected population of 681424 people, emergency transfer placement 112250 people, 12257 houses collapsed; the 9 people died, 8 people missing. No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" causing severe floods to Quanzhou. Among them, Quanzhou, Nanan, Yongchun, Anxi and other areas of the most serious disaster. Quanzhou flood control office said, "Meranti" caused by the Quanzhou town of large area, long time waterlogging in urban and rural areas, a wide range of power, part of the telecommunication base station cannot interrupt communication line. The basement, city tunnel under flooded farmland, and destroyed crops flooded, damaged water conservancy facilities, rural road water, landslide impassable, buried pressure caused by floods, mudslides, landslides, landslides and other geological disasters, municipal facilities damaged, a lot of trees, trees lodging, large houses roof by strong winds blow away etc.. As of 16 May 18, crops affected area of 427 thousand and 839 acres, 192 thousand acres of inundated area, an area of 87 thousand acres of crops, the death tolls 48 thousand tons of grain production; 2785 livestock, aquaculture losses of 30 thousand acres; production of industrial and mining enterprises 784; highway interrupted 856 times, power outage 810 thousand residents of electricity 812 times, influence 6499, communication base station outage; damaged dikes 71 5.76 kilometers, damaged revetment 629, 13 sluices, 96 embankments destroyed and 801 damaged irrigation facilities, electrical and electromechanical wells 9, 7 pumping stations, hydropower stations 23. As of press time ago, Quanzhou tolls direct economic losses total 3 billion 910 million yuan (RMB, same below), the direct economic loss of 1 billion 213 million 200 thousand yuan in animal husbandry and fishery, the direct economic loss of 1 billion 227 million 300 thousand yuan industrial transportation, water conservancy facilities 570 million yuan in direct economic losses, the direct economic loss of flood in the city and municipal facilities 41 million 656 thousand yuan. Anti typhoon, Quanzhou emergency dispatch troops, armed police, fire, border guards, militia and reserve officers 12698 people, police 12364 people, 15749 people, the masses of staff professional rescue team of 13341 passengers, 9631 vehicles dispatched trips, more than 2 thousand classes of large machinery, put the rescue. At present, Quanzhou has organized various forces to launch rescue, disaster relief, post disaster reconstruction work, water supply, power supply, communication, transportation and municipal facilities have been destroyed most of the recovery, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, drainage waterlogging and other production work is being carried out. Author: Sun Hong相关的主题文章: