Married a year of nearly one million women in debt was stolen ex husband to do credit cards (video) widcomm

A year of marriage women’s debt of nearly one million is the original credit card stolen ex husband Shen Kunshan married a year have debt of nearly one million, therefore, Ms. Shen will be ex husband to court. Recently, the people’s Court of Kunshan City People’s court accepted the case four. 2013, Shen and Zhang registered marriage. During the period before marriage to 2014, Ms. Shen Zhang to name for a number of bank credit cards, and in a number of small loan lending company to buy, in addition, also to Ms. Shen name as collateral to borrow a lot of usury, and these about 800000 yuan to Zhang’s personal consumption and the return of its personal debt. Later, after Ms. Shen only reluctantly selling on behalf of Zhang repayment, repayment, Ms. Shen also repeatedly told Zhang Dun, Zhang always push again, refusing to return Ms. Shen on behalf of the repayment amount, Ms. Shen finally had to Zhang to the court. Kunshan court found that Ms. Shen and Zhang in 2014 when the divorce, the two sides on the property, child support, debt, debt, etc.. The period of marriage husband and wife common debts have responsibility or payment terms are as follows: at the beginning of 2011 to the second half of 2014, registered in the name of Ms. Shen all credit cards and all loans are repaid to the man. In the same year, Zhang also issued a list, which shows the details of the amount owed by credit cards and loans, totaling about 800000 yuan. At the same time, Ms. Shen also submitted the relevant bank reimbursement documents to prove that she returned loans and credit card debts totaling 50 yuan. The court held that the true meaning of Ms. Shen and Zhang signed the divorce agreement, said the two sides should fulfill the agreement, with the repayment of related documents issued by the arrears list Zhang and Ms. Shen submitted, the court found Ms. Shen Zhang returned to the actual generation of credit card debts and loans totaling more than 50 yuan, shall be returned to Ms. Shen zhang. Accordingly, the court decided to return Ms. Shen Chen 50 yuan. The video has nothing to do with this article, only the extended reading Southern Metropolis Daily: LETV retrapping whirlpool of debt market value three days has shrunk nearly 10 billion相关的主题文章: