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Man by the Audi car shampoo is the groom smashed window drop from the clouds today Mr. Peng big day, a bottle of shampoo and the bride makes him depressed — smashed zhuhun car shampoo to drop from the clouds, they. Mr. Peng’s new land to build in Hongshan District in Star City district. At 9 a.m. this morning, Mr. Peng, after receiving the bride, was busy making tea for his parents in his new house. After that, a couple will go to the hotel for wedding. Zhuhun car is a luxury of the new Audi A8 sedan, parked in the area between 4 and 1 unit 1 Building 1 unit. The driver, Mr. Li, sat in the Audi waiting for the new person to go downstairs to the hotel. 9:30, Mr. Lee was "bang" a loud noise scared, a closer look, the front windshield was smashed a hole, glass debris splashed his face. "A big bottle. It’s 750 milliliter."." Lee said, he got off to check, found that there was a big bottle of shampoo just hit the car glass, he looked upstairs, but do not know where the shampoo fell from. "To change glass is estimated to be 10000 yuan."." This morning, Chutian City Daily reporter arrived in the community to see, two buildings have 30 multi-storey high, because the district is only in March this year, the owners are not many. Residential property staff told reporters, after the incident, the property sent from asked two residents of the unit, but did not admit their shampoo. On the big day, we meet this kind of thing." Mr. Peng angrily said, because zhuhun car smashed, they had to transfer to the hotel. And Mr. Li came to help, and the innocent got lost, and he felt guilty. Reporters learned from the Hongshan police station, the Institute has been involved in the investigation. (reporter Liu Yi Wei Lai) Weifang excavator smashed car shot drop from the clouds.

男子借奥迪做婚车 从天而降洗发液砸烂车窗今日是新郎彭先生大喜的日子,可一瓶洗发水却让他和新娘郁闷了——洗发水从天而降,砸坏了他们的主婚车。彭先生的新房在洪山区的中建福地星城小区。今日上午9时许,彭先生接了新娘后,在新房中忙着给父母敬茶。之后,一对新人还要去酒店举行婚礼。新人的主婚车是一辆豪华的奥迪A8轿车,就停在小区4栋1单元和1栋1单元之间。司机李先生坐在奥迪车内等着新人下楼去酒店。9时30分,李先生被“砰”的一声巨响吓了一跳,仔细一看,车前挡风玻璃却被砸出一个洞,玻璃碴溅了他一脸。“很大一瓶,是750毫升装的。”李先生说,他下车查看发现,竟然有一大瓶洗发水正好砸到车玻璃上,他向楼上看,但不知道洗发水到底是从哪里掉下来的。“换玻璃估计要上万元。”今日上午,楚天都市报记者赶到小区看到,两栋楼都有30多层高,因为小区是今年3月才交房,入住的业主不多。小区物业工作人员告诉记者,事情发生后,物业派人挨家询问了两个单元的住户,但没人承认洗发水是自家的。“大喜的日子,碰到这种事。”彭先生气愤得说,因为主婚车被砸了,他们只得换车去酒店。而且,李先生是过来帮忙的,无辜受到损失,他觉得很愧疚。记者从洪山派出所了解到,该所已介入调查。(记者刘毅 魏铼) 监拍潍坊挖掘机从天而降砸烂轿车相关的主题文章: