Make Your Napa Valley Tour More Exciting By Visiting

Travel-and-Leisure What .es to mind when you think of Napa Valley? Wines, wineries and vineyards. But there is much more to see and do in Napa Valley beyond wines. There are plenty of interesting museums which are spread all over the Napa Valley where you can get to experience and learn about the local history. Some of the most popular museums are located within the towns of Healdsburg, Calistoga, Petaluma, etc. in Napa Valley which cover topics ranging from wildlife, genealogy to art and culture and of course the history of winemaking. It is quite .mon for tourists hiring a limo and gong on a Napa tours , When you hire a limo to visit various vineyards, you can also take a day off to visit some of the awesome museums here. Here is a list of museums which you must not miss while you are on a Napa Valley tour: Hand Fan Museum This is the only museum in USA which is dedicated to hand fans. The museum has a lovely collection of over 2500 modern as well as antique hand fans. Make it a point to visit this charming museum and you would be amazed by seeing the pretty, antique hand fans with intricate designs and patterns. You can also buy hand fans for your friends or family from a store inside the museum. Napa Valley Museum Pay a visit to the Napa Valley Museum to discover the richness of Napa Valleys winemaking history, environment, culture and arts. Various exhibits ranging from fine arts, history to natural science are presented with an aim to entertain and educate the tourists. COPIA- American Center for Wine Food and Art Now this should top your list of must visit museums. It is the only institution in all of California where you can learn the art, history of wines. Food exhibitions, wine tasting events, interactive programs and seasonal concerts take place regularly. Healdsburg Museum & Historical Society Founded in 1976, the mission of this organization is to preserve the local history of Healdsburg area. The museum has an amazing collection of artifacts which dates back to early 19 century and there is also a library which contains more than 8000 photographs. Petaluma Historical Library and Museum Petaluma Historical Library and Museum is famous for housing the Californias largest free standing stained glass dome. You can find books on genealogy, early maps and architectural research of Petaluma in the library. Silverado Museum Silverado Museum is a must visit for die hard fans of Robert Louis Stevenson. The museum has the largest collection of the writers works outside Scotland. The small museum has over 7000 artifacts, 8000 manuscripts, photos and letters. Petaluma Wildlife & Natural Science Museum It is the only museum in the world which is run entirely by the students. The museum has a huge collection of dioramas, taxidermy animals, an Australian aviary and a large fossil and mineral collection. Open to the public on the first Saturday of each month, you must .e to this museum if you are interested in animals and jungles. Whenever you go on a Napa Valley tour, make sure to check out these wonderful museums. You can easily hire from a reputed San Francisco limousine provider and get set to experience Napa Valley in a limo beyond the wines. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: