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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews A lot of Indian women enjoy reading magazines. Turning the glossy and attractive pages to stay updated about the latest fashion trends, news, career information and several other topics. All the major womens publications focus on including topics like cookery, beauty care, ladies health, pregnancy, relationships and the latest fashion as well. The pretty ladies love exploring the magazines to learn new recipes, get fresh dressing-up ideas, know whats happening around in the world. Reading articles, tips and small stories is an excellent recreational activity in todays busy life. Loaded with work at home and office, most young girls dont have enough time to read novels and books. So magazines make a good choice for them as they can be carried anywhere and enjoyed as per your convenience. The online magazine availability is another facility that has enhanced the accessibility convenience for the reading enthusiasts. Let us discuss briefly about some new age publications that can be your best friend for life: Womans Era A highly-circulated and preferred womens fortnightly magazine, this publication covers a variety of topics related to the Indian ladies. Started in 1973, this English magazine is mainly loved for being versatile as it includes interesting and engrossing write-ups on society, new fashion/makeup trends, relationships, gossip, money and recipes as well. It is a renowned publication of Delhi Press Magazine. Femina Listed among the highest circulated and liked womens interest magazine in India, Femina is renowned publication of the Worldwide Media group. Aimed at the woman of substance, it carries articles and information on latest trend in apparel, jewellery, beauty, grooming, health, fitness, food and relationships etc. Again a fortnightly publication, Femina is available in English language. Women On Top This is a Hindi magazine published by Disha Bharti Media Pvt. Ltd. This monthly publication focuses on providing interesting and engrossing write-ups on Indian womens lifestyle, taste and preferences. Its informative and entertaining articles are of interest for the ladies from various age groups and cover all the major topics such as fashion, career, cooking, tourism etc. It also inspires the readers by narrating the achievements of successful women from all the different fields. Good Health Again a publication of Disha Bharti, this quarterly Hindi magazine is a good choice for the modern women. Since health is wealth and it is an important responsibility of every lady to maintain her own and her familys wellness, Good Health can be a great source of inspiration. It is loaded with a lot of home remedies and natural cures for health-related issues that can greatly help you and your families stay in pink all the time. The practically useful tips and suggestions provided by this magazine have multiplied its popularity in a short span on time. Apart from the above discussed names, there are several other reading stuffs that can be enjoyed by todays Indian woman to stay at par with the societal changes. The availability of online magazine in India is a great advantage makes it very easy for you to subscribe to any desired series as per your comfort. Read more, know more and do more! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: