Li Chen unveiled celebration Fan Bingbing I took the vase, entertainment channe doat

Li Chen unveiled celebration   Fan Bingbing: I took the vase, entertainment channel, original title actress: Fan Bingbing: I took the best actress Feng Xiaogang, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing vase (from left to right) last night, returned from Spain with the "I’m not Pan Jinlian" celebration held in Beijing will Fan Bingbing, director Feng Xiaogang and articles of gold and silver shell debut, starring Guo Tao, Yu Hewei, Zhao Lixin, Peng also gathered. The whole scene, her boyfriend Li Chen flowers, Fan Bingbing bluntly, he has been questioned is not afraid of any "vase": "the actress called vase is encouraged, I still took the vase, vase winner." Feng Xiaogang separated for three years to create the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" at the Toronto International Film Festival won the International Film Critics Association Award for best film (FIPRESCI prize), and the San Sebastian International Film Festival Film Festival won the highest honor the best film "golden shell Award", "best actress" Title, Fan Bingbing won the best actress "the silver shell award". At the ceremony, said "I am not Pan Jinlian" changed files in 11.18, Feng Xiaogang explained, "the main national archives together piece in particular, so we went to November." The scene, Li Chen not only to her identity, for the first time to attend the creative celebration, it is reported that Li Chen in the film and Fan Bingbing have a scene of "smile" full of fruit, a sense of joy. Prior to this, Fan Bingbing in the pepper when the fans interact with the red eyes, looks very tired, but also bluntly, in the drama after the end of the publicity, the desire for a full rest of the holiday season, the. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: