Leshan police stop illegally parked humiliated when guards were reduced to clerks (video)-zibba

Leshan police stop illegally parked humiliated when guards were reduced clerks in Sichuan: the police guards to stop illegally parked Fanzao despise November 10th in Leshan (micro-blog) a parking violation occurs, the guards refused to leave the video circulated on the internet. In the video, the police is full of contempt for the association between words. After investigation and verification, the police involved the local Prison Police Department of Sichuan province. At present, the police have been dismissed reduced clerk. According to the Leshan city traffic police detachment informed that the driving a white car in violation of the ban on signs, the car parked in the Minjiang River Bridge traffic light intersection, here is where the maintenance of traffic order traffic police wardens found, immediately correct, please inform the parties immediately leave, the parties refused to leave. After the incident, Leshan city traffic police detachment immediately informed the parties investigation unit, said the parties will seriously deal with the police involved. In accordance with the provisions of the traffic police department has made a fine of 100 yuan, recorded 3 points penalty. In November 19th, the Chengdu Daily reporter from the Prison Management Bureau of Sichuan Province, Sichuan province prison illegally parked police Jiazhou days ago by serious treatment, according to the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" punishment of civil servants of administrative organs, administrative demotion of prison police involved, and two lower level positions, the former director of clerks to staff. Chengdu Daily reporter Gu Aigang Leshan police guards to stop illegally parked in public scorn: I pay seven thousand or eight thousand in November 10th, a Leshan police to stop the police illegally parked video online crazy pass, in the video, the police filled with contempt > on the association between words; > with the Leshan Association of police guards to stop illegally parked in public disdain continued: the guards were suspended investigation of the video display, a traffic police asked a police dressed in police uniforms quickly drove away, can not stop here. The police said that he will soon change clothes, what come with > >

乐山协警制止违停被当众羞辱 当事狱警被降为科员 四川:一协警制止狱警违停 反遭鄙视 11月10日,在乐山(微博)发生的一狱警违规停车、拒绝驶离的视频在网上流传。在该视频对话中,民警对协警言语间充满了鄙视。经调查核实,涉事民警系四川省嘉州监狱民警。目前,该民警已被撤职降为科员。据乐山市交警支队通报称,当事人驾驶一辆白色小轿车违反禁令标志,将车停靠在岷江二桥红绿灯路口处,正在此处维护交通秩序的交警协管员发现后,立即上前纠正,告知当事人请立即驶离,当事人拒绝驶离。事件发生后,乐山市交警支队立即将调查情况通报当事人所在单位,当事人所在单位表示将严肃处理涉事民警。交警部门已按照规定对其作出了罚款100元、记3分的处罚。11月19日,成都商报记者从四川省监狱管理局获悉,四川省嘉州监狱违停民警日前受到严肃处理,根据《行政机关公务员处分条例》有关规定,监狱对涉事民警予以行政撤职处分,并降低两个职务层次,由原主任科员改为科员。成都商报记者 顾爱刚乐山协警制止狱警违停 被当众鄙视:我工资七八千11月10日,一段乐山协警制止民警违停的视频在网上疯传,在该视频中,民警对协警言语间充满了鄙视>>详细乐山协警制止狱警违停被当众鄙视续:狱警被停职调查该视频显示,一位交通协警请一位身着警服的民警赶快驾车离开,此处不能停车。该民警则称,他要换衣服,快啥子快嘛>>详细相关的主题文章: