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Leonardo opened micro-blog was the expression package bombing – the new small plum (Leonardo) opened micro-blog, the first thing is to say hello to the Chinese fans: Hello, China! I am a Leonardo." This idol of infinite power, micro-blog saved was in the midst of the post holiday syndrome Chinese users, two days the number of fans has reached 1 million 250 thousand. Netizens can I hi more than small plum, in order to celebrate the small plum in micro-blog, netizens in the comments area with a Chinese characteristic expression package competition way to welcome him, but a lot of small plum once flourishing beauty map, more is the expression of her "self abandon" contribution package. Some Internet users worry about this special way, will let the foreign new friends frightened, "you again so small plum may be scared", "small plum under a micro-blog should be:" Bye, China! I’m Leonardo. "" Some netizens ridicule, do not give him I look at these facial expressions package, not white do?" There are users to explain the expression of small package culture. In this regard, the calm is we don’t have to worry about the small plum was cry, because Leonardo had seen too many strong wind and big waves.相关的主题文章: