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UnCategorized Having plenty of friends is great. Having plenty of female friends is also desirable because it allow you to use your female friends as a way to meet many single attractive women you can date. What sucks however, is having a female friend who you are attracted too. The friend zone is a very limited place for a guy too be. He gets access to the girl he wants but only as a pal or buddy. He actually has to watch her as she dates other guys and because he is her friend, he does not say a word. Instead of being the guy she leans on for emotional support he is the guy she takes to the mall and the guy she talks to about her boyfriend problems. If you learn how to kiss a woman who is your friend you can break out of just being her friend, and finally have her see you as a guy she should be wanting to date and hook up with. The first step in convincing a woman to kick you out of her inner friend circle is for you to start treating her differently. You may think that by rocking the boat you could lose out on a good friend but the truth is if you allow yourself to stay in the friend zone you can say goodbye to any self respect you have for yourself. First of all, you are a guy do not allow her to use you as an extra gal pal and take you out to places she should be taking her girlfriends. Instead, tell her you want to take her out for an evening, without anyone else around. You can really give her any reason for your need to go out with just the two of you. Tell her that you two never get to spend enougth time togethr so you decided to treat her to dancing and dining. You make sure to tell her to wear something dressy. When learning how to kiss a woman who is your friend getting her to dress up, fulfills three different purposes. By telling her to dress up and having her listen, you start exerting your self as an authority and establish alpha male dominance as well as giving you an excuse to touch her bare exposed skin and create sexual arousal. Dressing up also allows the evening to be more romantic. If the date appears to be intimate in nature, she is going to have a hard time forcing you back into the friend zone. This date is important men because it may be the only chance you get to learn how to kiss a woman who is a friend and break free from being her pal. Start the night with dinning in a quiet classy restaurant. By going upscale you will be sure to be in a location with mood music and atmosphere, meaning piano and lowered lighting, both are important to women for setting a sensual romantic mood, so go along with it. Your purpose throughout the night is to treat her as you do any other girl you are attracted too. Men can only be placed in the friend zone when they do not hit on a girl. You should .pliment her on how great she looks, use eye contact as you talk and eat to keep her focused on what you have to say. You are already friends with this woman so why not use that to help you increase her sexual arousal too you and learn how to kiss a woman friend? You have a little more liberty when it .es to touching her because of your established relationship. Touch on her hand and arm, even allowing your leg to rest against her under the table. Though these actions may seem harmless to you any physical contact can help break through the image of you being just friends. Once you go dancing, you are going to really step up your body language and physical stimulation. As you dance, your bodies will naturally press up against each other, but since you want to make sure she knows what you want, hold her a little bit closer. Allow your hands to not just rest on her back but to move up and down a little, creating the feeling of a sensual back rub. Do not get carried away though and attempt to grab her butt, if you do you will lose all progress. As the night starts to wind down she should be feeling a little unsure of you that is perfect! If she has a hard time understanding, your motivations she cannot just place you back in the friend zone. Though you have learned the basics of how to kiss a woman who is your friend, you still do not know how you will take her newfound awareness of an attraction to you and get her too actually take a chacne on dating you. There is much more to find out if you want to kiss your friend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: