La Scala ballet again after a lapse of ten years to open China Tour – Beijing yo te amo

La Scala ballet again after a lapse of ten years to open Chinese Tour – the new network for "Giselle" starring one of the sub vitori valeriote?. Zhang Daozheng photo Beijing, August 30 Tianjin Xinhua (reporter Zhang Daozheng) world-renowned Italy Milan Teatro alla Scala ballet 30 in Tianjin held a press conference, announced that from August 31st to September 4th at the Tianjin Grand Theatre performed continuously for five days, which was the 2016 China tour the first stop, but also the regiment again after a lapse of 10 years visit to china. As the 2016 Tianjin municipal government subsidies for high-end performance projects, the scala ballet is the Grand Theatre in Tianjin performing "Giselle" and "Bach Cello Suites", a comprehensive display of the artistic achievement in theatre ballet "collocation one old and one new". At the same time, the scala ballet will also be for the third session of Tianjin International Opera and Ballet Festival Grand opening. "Giselle" is the classic period of Romantic Ballet Ballet, "the reputation of the ballet on the crown of the Pearl". It is based on the German poet Henie of the "German winter story", tells the story of rural girl Giselle fell in love with a man to become mad but still love to save ghost love story. The art director of the Teatro alla Scala ballet, "Giselle" is the scala theatre repertoire, was performed in Paris to gain great success, the Tianjin show member lineup, "Giselle" starring actor is principal dancer Manny and an East Tower Nikelai? Nino? Soutra; "Bach Cello Suites" is a the modern Paris works, no story, convey to the audience does not feel the same. It is reported that the Teatro alla Scala ballet 2016 China tour a total of 3 stations, the other two stations for Shanghai and Guangzhou. In Tianjin, there will be a total of two works of ballet, the orchestra is the China Film Symphony Orchestra five. Shanghai is not only a ballet, but also a symphony and opera performances, is a great tour. (end)相关的主题文章: