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UnCategorized Business coaching is the practice of enhancing the ability to achieve substantial results in the organizational structure of a business. Its significance increases manifold when viewed in the context of elevating the leadership quality in a business executive. It focuses on enabling a business owner to create a unique business plan that would reflect its own identity. Business coaching and its features: The features of business coaching highlight its basic nature and explain the major factors involved. Some of the features are: . Interpersonal .munication: Business coaching emphasizes the significance of interpersonal .munication skills to get a job done in the best possible manner. Interpersonal .munication plays a major role when it .es to maintaining business relations with clients and gradually expanding the business. . Teamwork: Effective business coaching focuses on the importance of every individual in an organization. It helps to enhance the team spirit and encourage people to make their positive contributions to the business. . Identifying strengths: It helps people to understand themselves in a better way and discover their hidden strengths and areas for improvement. It encourages working with people in a more confident and effective manner. . Assessment of business potential: It assesses the current potential and demands defining the nature and scope of a business alliance. It helps to identify priorities for execution and establishment of the desired output. . Evaluate progress: Business-coaching helps to create an awareness regarding various business processes. It enhances the various coaching strategies and goals as well as offers a methodology for the evaluation of progress. Key elements of business coaching: Business coaching has three essential key elements that work in an effective business-coaching framework. They are: a. Accountability: It is one of the most important elements of business coaching. The person seeking coaching is expected to hold himself accountable for the out.e. It makes them responsible enough to account for their own actions and consequent errors. It enables them to keep an open mind and analyze critically, through the relevant information provided in the business coaching. The coach lets the candidates .e up with their own ideas and he then refines them with his experience. The candidates are expected to take the feedback positively and learn to be accountable. b. Direction: Effective business coaching forms part of an integrated and well-planned approach to achieve set business goals. People, who are coached, generally incorporate their newly acquired skills to achieve practical results. c. Openness: Openness in .munication and continuous learning in relationships provides information regarding the changes that need to be made. It requires a sense of transparency at the management level. d. Inculcating leadership quality: It is one of the key elements of business coaching that enables the students to learn leadership. It helps a person to lead the team by being in the team. The key elements of business coaching form the main functional unit of a business. It enables the candidates to rely on their own skills and take charge of their performance, in order to achieve success in the corporate world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: