Ji’nan airport ranks among the top 10 airports and strive to open the intercontinental routes oembios.bin

Ji’nan airport ranks among the ten million large airport to launched intercontinental routes 10 at 9:16 in the morning, with Shandong Airlines flight SC4957 landed safely at Ji’nan International Airport, Ji’nan airport passenger throughput exceeded 10 million passengers, marking the Ji’nan airport officially became part of the thousand large airport ranks. In the morning of the 10, Ji’nan airport held a breakthrough in commemoration of tens of millions of passengers apron. By SC4957 flight from Guiyang to Weifang, Chen Xiangguo, lucky to become the Ji’nan airport this year, 1000th passengers. The mountain course Chen Xiangguo presented a set of Shandong Airlines any domestic round-trip ticket, Ji’nan airport to Chen Xiangguo presented the VIP service card and plane model. Shandong Airport Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Tongzhou introduction, the passenger throughput of millions of people as a symbol, Ji’nan airport official ranks among the ten million large airport, is expected to be completed in 2016 the annual passenger throughput of 11 million passengers, the inbound passenger throughput will exceed 100 million. Guangxi Beibu Gulf airlines this year, settled in Ji’nan airport, Ji’nan airport to become the third base airline. In December 6th this year, the Ji’nan airport will open direct flights from Ji’nan to Losangeles, to achieve a new breakthrough in Ji’nan intercontinental routes, and will strive to open direct flights to Europe, Australia, intercontinental routes. At present, domestic and foreign airlines operating in Ji’nan airport has reached 40, a total of domestic, international and regional routes opened in 138. "13th Five-Year" period, the Ji’nan airport will be completed north to the corridor and the second parallel taxiway construction, the airport passenger throughput of 17 million security can meet the security needs, and with the Ji’nan city to do the construction of rail transportation, preliminary build three-dimensional transportation hub airport. In 14th Five-Year, the Ji’nan airport will be the construction of New District, invested 15 billion yuan, the construction of the new terminal area completed 400 thousand square meters, including the terminal and second runways, third parallel taxiway construction, and strive to achieve the 3 terminal and 4 runways, 70 million passenger throughput development goals. (Ji’nan daily)相关的主题文章: