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Jin Akanishi married into a good man like their wife is pregnant with a second child 4 months – Sohu entertainment Jin Akanishi, Kuroki Akisayakanishihito was photographed with his wife and daughter to the supermarket Sohu entertainment news November 26th news, according to Taiwan "news" reported that the Japanese idol group of 6 KAT-TUN to power out, including Jin Akanishi in 2012 for Meisa Kuroki and the actress first after marriage is not reported, angered the brokerage firm, so from the group solo, 2 people get married 4 years after divorce, but in February of this year to go through the wedding, with action to break the divorce rumors, now my daughter is 4 years old, the couple re transmission of news, the wife is 4 months pregnant, the second child welcome next year. Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki married for 4 years, until 2014 had exposed divorce news, but as her daughter grew up, the image gradually from center to play Cafe family father, this year (2016) February in Tokyo membership bar marriage feast, only invite family and friends to participate in the party, he and a group of Western friends happy photo afterwards also was exposed, he seemingly tipsy grimace, breaking action and wife discord rumors. In fact, Jin Akanishi couple has been hoping to have another child, the 26 day of good news, according to Japanese media reports, the 28 year old Meisa Kuroki got pregnant with her second child, and has been pregnant for 4 months, the baby is expected next summer to 2 times, people feel very happy, according to the Xifu couple very hard problems of education the children, are quite focus on English, at present not only let daughter Theia enrolled in private international schools, also frequently used English and daughter dialogue, for the child’s education has the perfect planning, it should also follow the next 2 treasure the same pattern.相关的主题文章: