Jilin and other 22 provinces announced a number of local bus reform subsidy standards msvbvm60.dll

Jilin and other 22 provinces announced a standard bus subsidy reform in a few places around the highest bus subsidy standard of the central and state organs of the car has been fully completed in the last year, the situation is more complex and is currently promoting the use of local. The "Jilin daily" reported recently, Jilin province bus auction underway, this year plans to open eight auctions, "as to cancel the vehicle disposal work, my car is nearing the end of the provincial authorities". The report also revealed: Jilin Province, the provincial organs of public transport subsidy standard is divided into 7 grades, from the staff and the following other personnel (office workers and service personnel) 500 yuan per person per month, 1690 yuan per person per month to tingjuji ranging from civil servants in March this year has passed the unified payroll system to the public transportation subsidies. Chang’an Avenue governor APP found out, in addition to Tibet, Xinjiang and Xinjiang corps according to plan to relax the schedule requirements, the country’s 29 provinces, these schemes have been reported, at present, Jilin, Guangdong, Hunan, Zhejiang, Gansu and other places of the provincial bus auction is underway, it can be said that the first step. In the small partners are most concerned about a bus subsidy, there are so few places to lead the country. According to the provisions of the central and state organs car subsidy standard is 1300 yuan per person per month secretaries, 800 yuan per person per month at the level, family level and below 500 yuan per person per month, local subsidies shall not exceed the standard of the standard 130%, standard frontier areas and other remote areas shall not be higher than 150%. That is to say, the highest is 1950 yuan a car allowance (1300*150%). From 22 to the current published bus subsidies, Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou are the top grid, subsidies is 1300 yuan standard 150% secretaries. It is worth mentioning that in Yunnan Province, level, level, level of subsidies are the highest value of the requirements of the central range. In the section on the wide coverage of subsidies, more than 600 yuan and not many places, only Yunnan, Guangxi, Chongqing, Shanxi, Henan, Liaoning and Zhejiang, Yunnan is still the top grid highest 750 yuan. Where these "clerks and clerks in Guangdong following the lowest subsidy forerunner", is the central half standard, 300 yuan and 250 yuan subsidy. Some analysts believe that this is higher than the province’s overall economic income of civil servants, traffic is more convenient. Chang’an Avenue governor APP consulted many civil servants buddy, everyone said the vehicles have changed immediate effect. Yanan City Department official said, now the foreign visitors to be connected are generally not by bus, sometimes we can only open the car. "Qianjiang Evening News" reported that Zhejiang cancel bus "on the first day of embarrassment". Reported that the cancellation of official vehicles, so usually used to take the bus to work the Department officials suddenly become some confused". In addition to wake up earlier than usual to catch the bus or car to work outside, with the taxi software to the mobile phone in a bus seat, no way to stand there, more of a department level officials did not squeeze on the bus and can not hit the car, had to brave 80 minutes walk to the unit. Bus tightening net相关的主题文章: