Jiangxi, a cadre of illegal construction of 12 floors of the building was reduced to the Department -jiuyaogan

Jiangxi cadres illegal land to build 12 storey building was reduced to the positive branch – Sohu news Xinhua Nanchang September 24th – the occupation of rural collective land, in violation of planning permission to build 12 storey building, the use of authority to greet the land, planning and other departments…… The day before, Jiangxi Ganzhou City Commission for discipline inspection conducted a briefing on Zhanggong District People’s Congress Standing Committee and former party member Liu Zhiwu of illegal land, illegal construction problems. During the investigation, Liu Zhiwu Ren Ningdu County Committee, ministers of the organization and Zhanggong District standing committee, ministers of the organization, in violation of state laws and regulations, to non-agricultural Hukou wife and daughter name, illegal application, rural collective land occupied by housing, illegal collective land to apply changes to the state allocated land; not first built in the building process a serious breach of planning permission, construction (planning permission for 3 layers, including the basement built 12 floors), refused to carry out the planning and construction of law enforcement and supervision departments to decide, using his home county of Yudu county land, planning, urban management (law enforcement) and other departments concerned to say hello. The illegal land and illegal construction practices, both in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, in violation of disciplinary rules and regulations, causing adverse effects in society. The Standing Committee of the Ganzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and report to the municipal approval, decided to give Liu Zhiwu removal from party posts punishment; cancel the Deputy level treatment, was reduced to non leadership positions. At the same time, Yudu County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the county land, planning, urban management (law enforcement) and other departments involved duty, the responsibility of 10 people, including the Department of the main leaders were subject to Party warning, serious warning, demerit, in which 4 people were directly responsible for the removal process. (original title: "Jiangxi, Ganzhou, an area of 12 cadres were investigated and dealt with illegal housing"相关的主题文章: