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Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang met with U.S. ambassador Bocasdel, people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: Li Qiang met with U.S. ambassador Bocasdel on October 13th, in the Nanjing provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang met with U.S. ambassador Marx Bocasdel for a Xiben??. Li Qiang on behalf of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government welcomed the visit of ambassador Bocasdel. After a brief introduction to the province’s economic and social development situation, Li Qiang said that the Sino US relationship is one of the most important bilateral relationship in the world today, Jiangsu has always attached great importance to the exchange and cooperation of California, Jiangsu and the United States, the United States and New York are friendly provinces and states, and Texas, Maryland and Nevada is the friendly exchanges between the. Jiangsu has a long history and a variety of regional cultures. Since the reform and opening up, China has formed an era of open and inclusive culture, attracting more and more foreign businessmen and foreign capital. Li Qiang hope in the framework of Sino US relations, to further strengthen pragmatic cooperation between Jiangsu and the United States in various fields, deepen trade and investment cooperation, accelerate cooperation in the field of scientific research and education, promote cultural exchanges and cooperation between the provinces and states based solid. Li Qiang welcomes more American people, especially young people to study in Jiangsu, sightseeing, deepen mutual understanding and promote common development, and lay a solid foundation for the future development of Sino US relations. Bocasdel said that Jiangsu is a province known for its opening up, the rapid economic and social development, transparent and efficient government, vibrant society. He said that he will play their own advantages, promote cooperation in various fields to further exchanges and cooperation, in particular to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in culture, education, tourism and other fields, and make greater contributions to promote the continuous development of Sino US relations. American poet Consul General in Shanghai, the provincial Party committee, Secretary General Fan Jinlong, vice governor Zhang Lei attended the meeting. (Geng Lian) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: