Japanese media survey together with the non owner can sing the song nlite

Japanese media survey: together with the non house people sing songs or sometimes Japanese animation anime fans would envy us? Because in China, love animation is a kind of trend, 2 million population asked are you afraid of dimension. But in Japan, if exposed to the identity of the house, is likely to encounter contempt. To this end, the Japanese media have recently conducted a survey of college students: with the non residential people together, can sing the song? You think if not to house people people singing together, singing songs to animation? Is…… 189 (79.7%) not…… 48 people (20.3%), as long as you can make everyone happy, then any song can be." (19 year old female university), as long as it is not selling MOE’s work, I think there is no problem." (male 27 years old) "as long as everyone has heard the song, then OK." (22 years old) "now there are a lot of ordinary people who know the anime songs." (male 20 years old), the rhythm of the Animation songs are generally good, you can quickly drive the atmosphere." (female 23 years old 4) although not a house, but at least you will sing "elf treasure dream", "Duo A dream" such memorable songs." (22 years old), "I think since I’m going to sing, I should like to sing." (21 years old), "I heard the song sung by my friends and I liked it."." (22 years old) "if you don’t listen to the song, it’s not likely to be hilarious." (23 years old) "if you don’t know a song that you don’t know, it’s embarrassing." (male 22 years old) "I think, if only the house heard the song, or do not sing it." (male 22 years old) "even if there is no way together lively." (22 year old female college) "if not what songs, or forget it." (female 22 years old) "because each other’s mood is not the same, so when it comes to the time we are not happy." (22 years old) "it’s a shame to sing a song in that atmosphere." (22 years of age) "I think there’s going to be an aversion."." (male 22 years old) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works相关的主题文章: